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All right, this one is really, really bad. Like, really bad. Do not read this if you’re pregnant, your spouse is pregnant or you are trying to get pregnant.

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I’m an EMT, and this is my worst story:

Back when I was fairly new to running emergency calls (back when I was an EMT B, and they called em EMT B’s) my partner and I got a call for a woman who was in premature labor and bleeding. We grabbed another person on scene to drive since we wanted to concentrate on the woman.

We do the usual things, IV, blood pressure (which was really effing high), strap in for transport, etc.

This is where things go very, very wrong.

While we’re on the way to an ER her blood pressure starts to spike even higher, and she’s involuntarily pushing. Her entire uterus detaches internally and falls out. Literally. I don’t know how much people know about the blood flow required for pregnancy, but when a woman is pregnant all sorts of veins and arteries are formed attaching the fetus to the womb and the blood flow to the womb is enormous. So we’re there in the back of the bus, everything is COVERED in blood. Like.. coated. There’s a pool of blood on the floor we’re splashing in. The mother is, of course, unconscious or dead.. we don’t even know. The only thing we could do was basically put the womb back in the woman and hold pressure until we got to the hospital.

Obviously, neither the woman nor the child survived. And we literally had to remove blood from our rig for 8 hours. The entirety of our remaining shift. It even coated the ceiling.

And that’s my worst story. Nothing has ever topped it, and I don’t think anything ever will. I’m really happy I don’t have nightmares, because I know my partner did.


My sister (gynecologist) told me this one:

Girl comes to hospital, complains that she’s unusually smelly “down there”. Sister takes a look, sure enough there is something not right there. Upon further inspection my sister notices there is an object deep inside her.

Sister: “There seems to be something stuck inside your vagina, do you know what it could be? I’m going to take it out.”

Patient: “No please don’t touch that. It’s the cap to my deodorant. I’m keeping it there as a contraceptive”



TIL that deodorant doesn’t double as a contraceptive and antiperspirant.


A friend who was a field medic in the Army told me this story…

While he was in training at a military hospital, they would provide free medical attention to civilians that couldn’t afford it on their own. He said that a black woman in her 70’s came in with what turned out to be a prolapsed rectum….but that’s not the interesting part. When they went to roll her onto her side, one of the guys grabbed her arm and it just flopped freely like it was just hanging on by skin. They freaked and said “are you okay, does that hurt!?”. She replied “nah, that’s no big deal. I just have a bad arm.”

As it turns out, when she was 16 years old, she fell down and completely dislocated her shoulder. They didn’t have access to medical attention, so she just lived with it like that for 50+ years. She just conceded that she would never use that arm. He said that it could have been reset very easily without surgery, if they would have taken care of it when it happened. This story makes me so sad every time I think of it.


RN for 15+ years. Puke, shit, piss and infected wounds are common and rarely even bother me anymore. I’ve seen some nasty stuff over the years…too many to remember and to be honest I hope not to remember most of these…but they won’t go away.

  1. Burn victim: had his face, ears, eyes, nose burned off. Yet he could still communicate by nodding. Poor guy…don’t know if he lived or not. The smell of burnt flesh was still there. And wow…doing wound care was an exercise in sadism.
  2. heart surgery patient: things went bad in the OR and basically the upper lobe of this guy’s lung migrated out of the ribcage. Basically think of a balloon you can see inflating and deflating under the skin of the guys chest. The visual aspect wasn’t so disturbing, but I was asked to assist in suctioning the patient. It was my job to “hold the lung”…kind of put pressure on it. The feeling of that lung expanding under the pressure of my hands is something I doubt I’ll forget. And you’d be surprised at how strong that lung is when the patient coughed….I had to put some moderate pressure to the site.
  3. morbidly obese patient who asked for assistance wiping her ass after a shit. I asked how she managed at home by herself. A: “I use a towel between my legs and pull it up and down.” A different morbidly obese patient told a coworker that she had her daughter wipe her ass for her.
  4. flesh eating bacteria patient: When I saw this guy he was almost dead. He had his leg amputated up to the hip socket, he had most of his right abdominal wall removed as well. I did wound care. It was crazy taking off all those bandages and when I peeled back the last layer, well, that was an anatomy lesson right there….. This case bothered me for two reasons. One the obvious damage to the body. Secondly was how damn fast the infection progressed. I took care of this guy ?7 days after his initial wound which was a scratch on his leg while out walking in his fields. Get scratched…7 days later you’re basically dead. Life is fragile.
  5. homeless dude brought in to the ED. ED removes his clothes and what do they find? Maggots…..yes…live fucking maggots living under this guy’s jeans.
  6. A shit story for y’all. I won’t forget this guy. He lived, but for 3 days I thought he was going to die any damn second. Bottom line is this guy had emergency surgery, had massive blood loss and low blood pressure for hours. Like I said…thought he was a goner, but he lived. About 12 days after surgery this guy has a bowel movement. This was shit like no other I’d seen, or have seen since. First the visual: It looked like translucent worms….chunks of translucent worms…but nothing else. I assumed it was the intestines shedding a layer of skin. No fecal matter. Now the smell…..well, after working in a hospital for 10+ years you smell all kinds of foul nasty stuff. Yes, it bothers you, but you do get used to it. This guys shit was THE MOST FOULEST smelling substance ever…rotting meat/shit/god i don’t even know…. All I know is that was the first time/last time I’ve actually puked in my mouth from doing my job.
  7. Now a humorous shit story: Was working night shift, busy as hell and had this elderly lady that wanted to get on the commode. I helped her on it and gave her the call button to push when she’s done. Well…time goes by and I realize it’s been an hour so I go check on her. She isn’t done yet…. I check on her 30 min later…not done yet. Check again 30 min later and she’s done. I get her back to bed and go to empty the commode and what do I see? 10-15 perfectly round shit balls. The balls were the size of pingpong balls, yet fucking perfectly round. That was unusual, but being busy as hell, I didn’t even question it. How the hell do you have perfectly round shit? lol…..to this day I don’t know but it still gives me a laugh.


People who write on bathroom walls
Roll their shit into little balls.

Those who read their words of wit,
Eat those little balls of shit.

-Kurt Vonnegut


Now a humorous shit story

This is how I know you’re really an RN


We should be making more money than actors.


Seems like many people think that dealing with wounds/gross bodily fluids is the worst part of the job. It’s not. The worst part is seeing the patient and patient’s loved ones suffering when there isn’t much you can do to help. I still remember watching the wife of the guy with flesh eating bacteria….. They were an elderly couple, probably together their whole lives. The wife was devastated, the patient comatose, unable to communicate. 7 days……their world turned upside down in 7 days without warning. I gotta say that for me, the emotional toll of the job is much worse than dealing with the physically gross stuff.

So….y’all reading this are getting a glimpse into my reality. My reality is that no one is promised tomorrow. Your world may turn upside down in an instant. So call your parents and tell them you love them, make an effort to be a good person, a good friend, and a good citizen. Resolve conflicts with loved ones while you can…..cause no one is promised tomorrow.

stepping off my soapbox

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911 dispatcher here: totally right about the fragility of life, and I’m sorry for all the drunks and idiots we have EMS bring you.


Number six, if you care to know the details, was some sort of massive gut flora die-off. The slimy appearance was because it was simply a macroscopic mass of dead bacteria. Also explains the smell.


I am an EMT, so not a doctor or nurse.. but this story makes even my ER surgeon friends nauseous.

A few years back I got a call over my radio saying that there was a trapped woman in her home who needed medical assistance.

I was the first responder, so I go into the house with my bag and immediately am hit by a wall of stench. Now, this odor is not just the, “Oh god, you need to air this place out.” odor. It’s the “Sweet mother of god, I can taste it, it’s in my eyes, I have to burn the clothes I’m wearing.” odor. Obviously, this woman was some kind of hoarder. There were cats EVERYWHERE. They were just sitting on top of shit that had piled up in the house. There was cat shit on the walls, the floor. I saw families of cockroaches skittering around. Disgusting.

So I called out to identify myself as a Paramedic and I hear this woman calling me from down the hallway. As I pick my way through the house the odor just gets worse. It was like someone shit, covered themselves in baby vomit, and then rolled around in a field of rotting flesh. I come to an open door and low and behold there is the woman. Or should I say whale?

This woman had to weigh at least 450 lbs. She was naked, covered in shit, and wedged between her toilet and her bathtub. I nearly lost my god damn mind. The desire to vomit was so intense. I asked her what happened, donned my gloves, as well as a mask, and started to think of how the fuck I was going to get this woman out. I’m not small, 5’8, 155 lb woman. But damn I’m not Hercules.

It’s about this time that more EMTs start arriving, as well as a few cops. This rookie cop comes racing in, sees this woman covered in shit, and vomits right onto her. This sets off a chain reaction. The woman begins to vomit, more EMTs and cops come in, and everyone is fucking vomiting. I’m standing in an inch of vomit juices that is now mingling with shit, and am just trying to figure out what to do.

Turns out we had to call the fire department, get the jaws of life, and rip the toilet out. We didn’t have a stretcher that could support this woman’s weight, so we had to improvise.

When we got to the ER the doctors and nurses looked so incredibly disgusted. Now, keep in mind we’re covered in shit and vomit, with that horrible odor of the house clinging to us. We had to go into a decontamination room to get cleaned.

Worst. Day. Ever.


You have officially made me so happy I work with dead people and not live ones.


But damn I’m not Hercules.

Obviously. Hercules would have rerouted a river into the bathroom to deal with that.


I laughed at the chain reaction. I’m deeply sorry haha.


My dad tells a fat-lady story about his days as a paramedic (way back when they were paramedics). He had a call out to a place where a big fat woman was basically calling for a ride to the hospital and was demanding to be carried to the ambulance from the second floor. But between not believing she couldn’t walk and the tight stair situation, Dad was not having it. So he called a ladder truck out and had them put the ladder up to her window and sent a guy up there.

They go back to the woman’s room and tell her she’s going to have to go out the window. She objects saying she will never fit through the window, she has to be carried down the stairs. Dad clicks his radio mike three times, and at this signal the guy on the ladder fires up his ventilation saw and Dad says they are going to enlarge the window to get this done.

So the lady decides maybe she can walk down the steps anyway and Dad agrees and says maybe she can just drive herself while she’s at it and all the firemen went back to the house chuckling. He’s got a lot of stories about people faking injuries or trying to use 911 as a limo service.


The aristocrats


Guy came in with severe abdominal pain; turned out he had painful hemorrhoids which had lead to him being too scared to take a dump for 1 MONTH.

He couldn’t tolerate any of the normal treatment (laxatives and enemas) so he ended up being taken to theatre where I, the most junior member of the on-call surgical team, had to claw out this monstrosity of a turd with my fingers. It was this dense mass about 4-5 inches wide that felt like hardened clay and smelled exactly how you might expect a ball of shit that’s been brewing for a month to smell like.

Took a good half hour before I managed to clean him out, all while the nurses tried to stand as far away as possible and my seniors pissed themselves laughing at my horrified expressions.


TIL that you can go without taking a shit for a month. Of course, it’ll be painful as hell but its doable…


RN here, and I gotta say, as horrifying as these stories are I am laughing as much as retching. Guess I’ve been a nurse too long.

Anyhoo, here’s my fun tale: Had a VERY obese man (400+lbs) with a swollen scrotum. No kidding, his ballsack was the size of a basketball, just dangling there between his legs. The gross part was when he went to sit down (yes, he could walk a few steps with lots of help). He would grasp the handlebars of his walker and start swinging his hips back and forth, back and forth, to get his ballsack swinging. Then, at just the right moment when his basket-ball-sized junk was out in front, he’d sit down quickly so as not to crush anything.

I pride myself deeply in being able to keep a straight face through that ritual. I never once saw a male nursing assistant who didn’t choke with laughter watching him do it.

Maybe not the grossest story here, but it might at least not give anyone nightmares.


Got another one for you guys.

Dad’s a dentist. One night we get a call at home from the local ER asking if my father is willing to come in and deal with a patient because, well, they “have no idea what to do with this woman.” My dad is a rather stand up guy, so goes and opens his practice to treat this woman.

I go along with him and help set up the room. An ambulance pulls up and wheels this elderly woman into the clinic. From the get go the first thing that hits us is the smell. Her face is bandaged up pretty well, and we can see blood seeping through the gauss and all down her shirt.

Double gloves, double masks, my dad dives in. She has something penetrating her lip. It’s mustard yellow and has the consistency of rock candy. He plays with it a little bit, and a large chunk breaks off. What’s attached is 4 of this woman’s teeth (or rather, the decayed remains of her teeth).

Apparently, this 78-year-old woman had never brushed her teeth a day in her life, and what had penetrated her lip was an obelisk of plaque. He continued to clean away what he could, but the plaque buildup was so massive that she had literally rotten away all of her teeth and most of her gums. One spot was absessed clear down to her jawbone.

To this day he kept the chunk in a jar in his office and scares little children into brushing their teeth every day. I keep telling him he needs to do a case study and submit it to a medical journal just for the lulz.

TL;DR — Brush yo’ teef!


I suddenly wish I had my toothbrush with me right now.


Mom in the ER:  a guy came in with a pencil and a straightened clothes hanger up his urethra – both stuck good. Apparently, the pencil was for fun and the hanger was to attempt to dig the pencil out.


I don’t understand that method of pencil removal.


I don’t understand that method of pencil insertion


Dig the pencil out.



Saw a lady who had flown in from another country to have US doctors help with her breast cancer. She had a metastatic tumor on her arm that was the size of a bagel and smelled of necrotic tissue. Her chest wall was replaced by tumor and you could see her rib cage. Her family got mad that we couldn’t just cut the tumor off her arm. The whole ER smelled like rotten flesh. Happy Holidays everybody!

edit: For those who were wondering, she was from South America and was fairly well off. She had doctors there, but apparently the family , was pick and choose about her treatment, and it obviously had gotten way out of control. I saw this 13 years ago when I was in medical school, and it still a very vivid memory.


In another of these threads, someone posted a similar story about a woman with a “rash” on one of her breasts… yeah, super-advanced breast cancer. When they lifted the breast, they could see bone underneath.


I went to see a doctor when I stubbed my toe and the nail turned black. How the hell do people let things get this far?


Lack of health insurance makes anyone extra-cautious and hope it “goes away”. I had a broken knuckle when I was a teenager and waited two months before I took it to the doc – I thought it was just dislocated and thought I could re-locate it like I’d done with a toe, thus saving myself a $40 copay.


Nursing Student here, had to insert a catheter into a pretty obese lady, saw a black string hanging from her vagina. I asked her if she had a tampon in and she said “oh, i hope it’s not still there.” I ended up having to pull it out and the stench will be with me forever. Not to mention the white pus and brown slime covering a now black tampon. Apparently she hadn’t had a period in months, so who knows how long it was in there.


My vagina just went further into my body out of pure horror.


Mine did too, and I don’t even have one.


Yup, that’s it, I’m done with this thread.

Good day to you all…


It’s funny ’cause you said “thread”.

I’m just gonna leave now…


Oh.. My.. God..

I didn’t even realize the pun

I like to think I have a strong stomach, I actually work in medicine too, but now I feel nauseated.


This requires MIND BLEACH!


Supposed to start nursing school next month. Guess I’m changing majors.




When I was doing my OB/Gyn rotation, we had a woman come in to clinic that had a condom in her vagina. Apparently it came off during sex with her boyfriend, but they didn’t take it out, and she waited like 2 weeks to come in to get a doctor to remove it. She stunk the entire office up so badly.


My mom’s a NP and had a lady come in just like this…except it was a tampon that was a month old. How can you not realize you have something jammed in your vagina!?


Gf’s sister is a doctor and she said this is also the grossest thing she’s seen. Person came in with an infection and she went digging and found the tampon. Apparently it was actually 2 months old. She was amazed the woman didn’t get toxic shock.


I regret reading this 13 minutes before lunchtime.


Most disturbing thing I can remember in recent history was someone with Cysticercosis (tape worm infection) of the brain. I got a script for a dewormer with a ridiculously high dose, I called the Dr thinking it was a mistake and he told me what was up. We both agreed there was very little chance of it working, but he said there were absolutely no other alternatives.


now I have a head ache, and I cannot convince myself it’s not the brain worms.


I have/had neurocysticercosis. Shit sucked. I got it in 7th grade, I’m 22 now. I’ve never had a headache ever in my life. Then on day all of a sudden I had a headache that was killing me (figuratively). It felt as if I were to drill a hole in my head to the point where it hurt then the pressure would be alleviated. After two days of bumming around the house with this HUGE headache that I thought was normal because I’ve never had one before, also, I didnt tell my parents about it either, the blindness set in. At first it was just a small spot in the upper right side of my vision. It looked like a misty cloud, kind of like TV static but much more fine, but it would have small bursts of rainbow in everywhere that made it quite interesting to look at for the first 15 minutes. I thought it was just going to go away, and then the cloud started to expand, it completely covered the upper right side of my vision, then it grew into the upper left, and now the bottom right had static spots. I had never been so scared in my life. I enjoyed draw and painting so the thought of never being able to do those things, also to see, was terrifying. I finally told my mom that I was blind, we went to the doctor and he sent my to the hospital and then shit hit the fan when the doctor told me I had worms in my brain that DIED and created scar tissue. fuuuuuck. Also, to add, I took these pills, I think they were called ‘tigertol(?)’. I swear they were the size of my pinky (i have small hands). Anyways, Sorry if this wasn’t very coherent, you know, dead worms in my brain and all. Dr. kane, you da best! I still go blind every once in a while, I had no idea why, it just happens. But then it goes away in 10-15 minutes, sometimes it takes 30.


Wouldn’t brain surgery have been appropriate at that point?


depends on how the cysts interact with the brain, how many there are, where they’re located, its all well and good removing the worms but if you make the patient braindead in the process it kinda f’s things up.

Also according to my knowledge from an episode of House its very hard to scan for and locate where the worms are, especially in the brain, again making surgery very difficult


I get all of my medical knowledge from House lol


A homeless paraplegic woman was brought into the ER for pneumonia. We had to strip off all of her dirty clothes and put her in a hospital gown. As I took her pants off, I noticed a cockroach, which I thought was weird. As we took her panties off, OUT CAME THE SWARM. Roaches had nested in her vagina and she couldn’t feel it because of the paralysis.




Here lies axelprime, it was in this spot she died inside.


Dead inside, you say? Then you won’t mind if a roach family moves in, will ya?


So I guess you could call them ‘crotchroaches’?




I’ve made it through the majority of this thread without gagging, but THIS story did it for me. Oh.My.God.


Worked on a rural EMT team during summers off from college, and responded to a drunk driving accident.

When we arrived, I thought “clearly this guy HAS to be dead,” mostly due to the crumpled car that the firefighters had cut apart. This guy must have been drinking a lot, because there were beer bottles all over the place, with broken glass shards all lodged in his skin. But that wasn’t the worst part.

He had the remenants of a beer bottle lodged in his neck. Which in and of itself wasn’t too bad, I’ve seen worse.

Except the bottle was the only thing keeping his head attached to this body. The man had decapitated himself. I’ll never forget seeing his eyes moving and mouth attempting to speak, or the sick sucking sound that were emminating from his neck as he struggled to breathe.

Obviously – he did not survive the night.


I’ve been an RN for over 5 years. The story that sticks out in my mind is this elderly woman who had colon cancer. I was newly pregnant (VERY VERY bad morning sickness all day long).

She was on the verge of death and started vomiting the contents of her bowels (when the bowels stop working the stuff can come up out of the mouth). We had to get a tube down her nose asap to start sucking the stuff out so she could no longer puke it and die in peace.

Those are hard moments. Watching someone dying and you are almost physically unable to help them, and usually I pride myself on being able to handle the most disgusting of situations. Someone had to come in and help me, thank goodness, and we got the tube down her nose.


Sounds like an argument for quietly increasing the level of morphine under the approval of family.


This is done all the time. The patient can be in our hospital and still under hospice. They call it comfort care and it’s humane and not frowned upon. What is frowned upon is when family insists in making patient a full code under these circumstances and doing everything possible. It happens way too much.


That’s why I told the doctor to go ahead and let my wife die, no heroic measures to save her.

Her chiropractor was none too amused.


My mom worked for a urologist. She came home with a story of this guy that had a master lock attached through his penis. He misplaced the key and was looking to get it off. He also rode his bike to the office. They had to refer him to the hospital to remove the lock.


How’d he lock up his bike?

Also, fuck the hospital, I’d go sit at home and call Pop-A-Lock.


He misplaced the key and was looking to get it off



Call the ‘cocksmith’?


Not as gross as some stories I’ve read, but this is one my mother told me after a night working the ER.

A guy came in with his penis broke sideways… he said “My girlfriend got a little too excited”

Another one where my dad was driving an ambulance. It was time to remove a cast for a very large woman who broke her leg. He was sent to pick her up. She never got up from her chair since getting out of the hospital. For months she shit and pissed herself in her recliner. My mother is the one who removed the cast. The cast was FULL of cockroaches and roach eggs. They said the ambulance and the exam room smelled for days.


I’ve seen a similar case. An elderly patient had covered wounds on his legs by wrapping them with plastic bags and continued to ignore them. He was eventually found after lying on his kitchen floor for weeks, only surviving off canned food. His lower legs were full of fly eggs and maggots, in some places the bare bone was visible. The smell in the ER was unbearable and lingered about for a day or so. Surprisingly, he was quite a nice guy to talk to. Very educated as well. Guess he had his reasons to give no more fucks whatsoever…


That’s an even greater level of no more fucks than cats give. wow.


This is now my new favorite website. I don’t even care about the corporate tie-in. This site is amazing.


Not as gross as other stories, you say? I say holy shit that’s fucking disgusting! I mean, fucking cockroaches… in her cast!


literally, fucking cockroaches.


Top of Form

How in the hell did that leg not begin to rot off or something…

Bottom of Form


She must have had one of those recliners like Frito had in Idiocracy.


Student psychiatric nurse here.

While on a ward for the elderly suffering from Dementia I had one experience I will never forget. I was helping a client eat, when I get a call from one of the rooms in the corridor. The client I was helping was pretty much done so I went to investigate, hoping that it wasn’t a fall as the call was from a room belonging to a very unsteady lady. Oh god, how I wish it were a fall.

The lady who called – let’s call her Betty* – was in the corridor outside her room. The first thing I notice were her hands – covered in faeces. “Oh Betty, did you have some trouble in the bathroom?” Hey, it happens, sometimes when you’re older you may be a bit shaky or confused, and I’m not one to judge the unwell. “Let’s get you washed up then.” We move in to her bedroom when the smell hits me.

For a second I just stare and try to take in what has happened. What follows is my brain process; Traces of faeces are everywhere, on the walls, on the wardrobe, on her clean clothes, on her bed, on the door, that’s okay, we can clean this… But I can’t see any major, er, “movement,” from which it would have come from. But wait… There’s somethig on the floor. As if someone had defecated on the floor and… Picked it up? Yes, there’s slide marks from someone obviously mov– OH MY GOD. SHE HAS SHAT* ON HER DINNER PLATE.

I saw, on her bedside table, a plate piled high with faeces – I’m not kidding, at least 6 inches – on top of the food.

And I just stood there.

And stared for what felt like an eternity (more like 5 seconds I guess,) before calling someone to give me a hand.

Perhaps it was a political statement about the state of the food in the hospital, I don’t know – regardless, I now have the* best* party/dinner table story.

*Obviously not her real name. *Not the technical term.


Not mine, but my sister. She was working at an old folks center near our house, and she was with this one older gentleman. On his hip, was a blackhead the size if a dime, on top of a decent sized lump, about 2 inches long, an inch wide and half an inch tall. So she threw on some gloves, and squeezed the black head, with the permission of the man of course. Out popped this roll of gauze that was left over from his hip surgery 10 years prior that he never bothered to get removed. Apparently the smell was horrid and she will never forget it.


I found a nursing forum once that had a huge thread of ‘worst things’ stories. The one that stuck in my mind the most was a patient who was recovering from a colostomy operation and went into cardiac arrest. As they were doing chest compressions, semi-liquid shit was spurting from the brand new colostomy hole.



Here’s a story from my cousin, who’s in med school currently:

There was a PCP who went to some part of Africa (I don’t remember where specifically, sorry) for the Peace Corps. When he came back, he found he was always more tired than he was when he left for Africa. One day he felt a pulsation in his eye and went to the ER. Once there, the doctor found a small worm wriggling around in his eye. The worm normally lives near the brain, but had somehow made its way out from there and into his eye. The ER doctor hadn’t seen anything like it and called in another doctor to come and look at it. By the time the other doctor got there, the worm had made its way back out of the eye.

Cut to about a month later and the PCP feels the pulsation again, but instead of returning to the hospital, he decides to take care of it himself. He takes a needle and heats it up using the stove. He then puts it into his own eye in order to remove the parasite. Over the course of the next year or two, he removes (If I remember correctly) around 5 of the worms this way before feeling better.


Sounds like Loa loa filariasis, but that’s just a best guess given the details.

Learned about it in my undergrad parasitology course


Now that is a man who gets shit done.


I’m a pediatric ER nurse. The worst stuff I see relates to abuse. 2 weeks ago I treated a baby who had been beaten so severely that his skull bones kept shifting under my hands when I assessed him and assisted in putting a collar on him.

A few months before that I saw a 3 month old girl with a torn vagina from being a victim of rape by her 15 year old cousin.

But then yesterday I took care of a really cute 4 year old who hugged me for making him feel better! 🙂


Holy shit. Your comment made me re-read the post. I’d read it as 3 YEAR old. 3 months……. I mean…….how do……. I can’t even…… People suck.


My mother was once lifting up the folds of fat on an obese person to check for… abnormalities… and found a biscuit.


I found a dead mouse in the fat folds. Closest I’ve been to vomiting.


I didn’t know deadmau5 was a chubby chaser.


Friend of mine did the same an found a Twinkie. Apparently her husband would play hide the Twinkie…she didn’t find it once.


Spot the winky.


“I was wondering where that went!” takes biscuit and eats it


Paramedic and ER trauma tech –

  1. Had a guy come into the ER once who had not taken care of his wound dressings after being treated for weeping ulcers on his legs. He was a diabetic, and his dressings were to be changed once a day. He came in after 3 weeks of doing absolutely nothing. His bandages had basically molded into his weeping wound which had grown at that point from his ankle to just below his knee. We had to get a little creative in getting those dressings off as they were imbedded in him. I was tasked with the job. I soaked some sterile towels in saline and wrapped them around his dressings. After a long soak, i started to peel off the wound dressing, and after the first few layers i got into the good stuff. Smelled like rotten road kill – enough to the point where even in the negative air flow room the entire ER stunk of rotting, rancid flesh. Yellow puss, skin, interstitial fluid, etc started to leak and peel off with it. I had to politely leave the room on two occasions to stave off vomiting. After the entire bandage was removed, i later learned that he had to undergo a bilateral BKA surgery.
  2. I once saw a Muslim father swear off and claim to disown a 16 year old daughter whose pregnancy test came back positive. It was a standard test prior to a radiology exam – no one, including the daughter, had any idea.
  3. Thanksgiving evening an 18 year old male came into the ER after being stabbed at the dinner table three times by his brother. Once in the abdomen, and twice in his left arm. He wasn’t in much pain but looked like he was done with life…kept saying how he couldn’t believe his brother would do this to him. I have brothers that I’m really close to, really bummed me out.
  4. Had a 4 or 5 year old girl crying and asking me what we were doing as I was giving chest compressions to her 37 year old father who was coding. She was holding on to her mothers leg who was in shock over the whole thing. Codes are no deal at all – but when they’re young, the family is present, and there’s a a young daughter involved completely unaware of what’s up…it was the only code so far that’s really stuck with me.
  5. Air Angels flew to our ER with a trauma patient who had been in a t-bone car accident in the boonies. It had been a long time since the accident and extrication had taken a long time. As Air Angels were landing, they called the ER to let us know he was coding. I took off with a nurse and 2 paramedic students. As we are pulling this guy out of the chopper, we note a significant amount of blood loss just everywhere. We’re in the elevator, our medic students are holding all our badges, stethoscopes and whatnot as the nurse and i had to give them all to them in order to approach the chopper. We’re crammed in an elevator, pumping on a guy, with two flight nurses, my ER nurse, me and two medic students who are like…”What. the. fuck.” We’re tearing down the hallway, blood trailing, flight nurse pumping on the guy while my ER nurse gets an IO line in his humoral head – doing the standard and most likely ineffective code treatments – fluid, IV drugs, CPR, etc.

We get him into the trauma room, Trauma MD (who was a prior SEAL and complete badass) starts assessment, confirms the ET tube, gets a chest tube in, gets a central line with the rapid infuser and then finally decides to crack the guys chest. I’ve never seen someone’s chest opened up, but basically you make a serious – and i mean serious – incision from armpit to armpit and then take two fucking medieval looking clamps and crank the chest open – complete with cracking sounds and everything. Heart, lungs, organs, liver – it’s all there. First time i’ve been in a trauma room where I, as the medic, was like, “uh….” and at that point the whole thing was so far out of my league that i stepped back and became the “gopher” in the room (“go get this, go get that”). MD starts suctioning all around and the guy’s internals are just lacerated everywhere. His right lung is fucked, his liver as we’re massaging the heart and suctioning is just bleeding out everywhere and after all attempts to stop any bleeding, get his heart back up and running, restore any pressure in his cadiovascular system – 18 units of blood later, the MD calls it. Afterwards, before the family arrived which was for quite some time, we had the best hands on anatomy lesson from our trauma MD since the morgue. The room looked like a murder scene gone wrong. The medic students, who everyone had kind of forgotten about, were standing there pretty fucking excited, still holding the nurse and I’s stuff.

I could go on and on…ERs are as mundane as they are exciting, but there are a few. First post, hope it’s formatted decently.

It’s been a really slow day at work, and this thread just has my memories going so i’ll add some more. Most of the time when someone asks me on the spot what the worst thing i’ve seen is, i have to sit back and think about. Then once i get going, it’s what i think about for awhile, i forget about some good stuff…couple more that came to mind

  1. A younger couple, probably in their thirties, came into the ER and went to fast track as the male was complaining of a boil or cyst-like painful, swollen area on his scalp. I wasn’t actually on-shift for the first part of this, but as i was walking into the nurse’s station to take report from the on-shift tech, I saw Dr S walking out of the room looking visibly ill with a urine cup in his hand, swiftly headed for a specimen bag. This was an MD in his 50’s, who had been practicing emergency medicine in a level one trauma center ever since he was out of residency – likely twenty years ago – so he was no softie. The nurse who followed him out the door saw me walking into the nurse’s station and quickly grabbed me and everyone else within reach to examine the cup before it was sent to pathology. Dr. S turned and said, “I’ve fucking never seen anything like this.” Turns out, what they thought was going to be a simple I&D procedure (incision and drainage….oooh my favorite thing to be a part of) turned out to be a maggot extrication. From a dude’s scalp. A live maggot. Incising a cyst, expecting some pus and blood, to find a live, wiggling thorny maggot did a number on everyone in the room. Afterwards, it was thoroughly talked about and researched, and it was very obviously a Bot Fly. Read about it. This couple had been somewhere in Belize IIRC and after some time back in Chicago he finally came to ER. It was still alive in the cup, wiggling around and whatnot. It was fucked. Read about it and youtube it for some good stuff.
  2. Young lesbian couple in the ER. One of them complaining of abdominal pain. One of them there for support. Standard pregnancy test prior to radiology exam…positive. Maybe a little funnier than the muslim father disowning daughter thing. “It went okay.”
  3. Horrible parents who shouldnt have kids story: We had a young boy come into fast track with a laceration over his eye from running into a coffee table or counter top or whatever. Happens all the time. The lac ran along his eyebrow line and as we were getting him papoosed, the kid started going apeshit. Per usual. No kid likes to get all bundled up and held down for sutures, but most parents do the standard holding of the hand if it’s accessible, talking, comforting…you know…parent stuff. These parents, not so much. As soon as the kid started bucking, they called a halt to the whole thing. Not only did they decide right then and there they didn’t want an ER doc to be suturing a face because they KNEW it wouldn’t be nearly as good as a plastic surgeon (this is a hit or miss assumption and doesn’t at all hold up to that generalization), but they wanted to consciously sedate the fucking kid so he didnt have to go through maybe 3 lidocaine shots before feeling nothing for the remainder of the suture process. While everyone was waiting on the plastic surgeon to come in, the MDs and RNs absolutely refused to consciously sedate the kid because it was so utterly inappropriate and risky while the parents refused to have the procedure done while he was awake. It was communicated that the risks involved were respiratory arrest, allergic reactions, etc and the parents still wanted to subject their little kid to that rather than have him be awake for a couple lidocaine shots. The plastic surgeon comes in, is dumbfounded and after about 30 minutes of arguing, showing these parents literature on the risks, they had to do it. Everyone was absolutely irate. So, naturally, what happens? The kid goes into respiratory arrest and has a horrible reaction to the whole thing. Loses his BP, the entire room is flooded with RNs, MDs, etc as they transfer him from fast track and into a real ER room to start working on him. Advanced airway is established over the hysterical crying of the mother and pleading of the father to “do something.” Honestly, I got washed out. We didn’t fuck around with kids. The highest level of personnel were in that room – so I don’t know the ins and outs of what happened after the basics were taken care of. I do know the kid was a life flight to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and he was tubed and unconscious on his way out.
  4. A pallet from costco fell off a top shelf onto a dude’s head. Despite a total collapse to one side of this dude’s face where brain matter was noted on the floor, he still had cardiovascular activity and thus the medics couldn’t call it in the field. It was fucked. And it didn’t take long for the trauma doc to call it. Stupid EMS field rules, the guys shouldn’t have been worked on. Bad enough that he had a pallet fall on his head, worse that his body was subject to CPR, airways, IVs and overall battery on the way to the hospital.
  5. One guy came in from the field after working on his carburetor. Now, i don’t know anything about cars, but from the jist of the field report, which was hard to hear over the guy screaming bloody murder, when he was priming it or something, it had exploded on him due to some ignition source (possibly static), burning like 70% of his body as he caught fire under his car. The entire ER was filled with the smell of burnt hair and flesh and the screams of someone who was likely in the worst pain imaginable. Our field medics didn’t put him out, which was addressed by the MDs later, but he was immediately sedated and paralyzed with some Sux and versed. That was likely the last thing he remembers as he was toast (i guess literally). When you suffer that much burned area, we may be able to keep you alive but your chances of getting out of the burn unit alive approach 0%.

Thats what I got now…gotta go watch the Hawks game. Slow days at work are sweet.


Not a doctor or a nurse, Combat Medic in the Army.

This is a story a PA told me.

A girl came into the clinic complaining of vaginal pain, and when he went to examine her he found she was having thick grey oozing vaginal discharge. He tried to prescribe her medication for it, but she refused to take it.


Because her boyfriend “liked the taste”.


I made it all the way to this post with ease. I AM DONE.



My dad is a doctor in the intensive care unit. One day he had a lady who was crossing the street when a coach bus ran her over. She was dragged for two blocks before someone stopped the bus. She came into the hospital missing like eighty percent of her skin and was disemboweled but conscious for the whole thing. ehhhh…


Girlfriend a nurse–

Early one morning a man came in with a broken off plunger up his butt. He was sodomizing himself when it somehow broke off, splintered his sphincter and lodged itself deep within his rectal cavity. Needless to say it was quite gross to remove and looked incredibly painful.


Dude, I just clenched…


He initially tried to give some sort of excuse but eventually yielded the truth. He was somewhat mentally challenged or at least on drugs apparently because he didn’t make much sense. I suppose that could be a result of the pain too, though.


A woman came in with complaints of abdominal pain, screaming about how her baby was dead. Her record showed absolutely nothing about get being pregnant. After having her change into a gown, the most ungodly stench filled the room. My doc began a pelvic exam, with me as a standby. I will never forget his face as he removed a pinkish brown clotted mass: a chicken leg. Turns out her ‘baby’ was an uncooked chicken she chopped up and inserted into her vagina. Her baby might not have been dead, but that chicken sure was.


I can’t believe I’m still reading this far down … I thought I could stop but nooooo ..


Wtf! Why!? Why world!?!?!


Mine is not a story of genitalia nor hilarious STDs, I’ll warn you now. Both my parents are doctors. They were working on September 11th, 2001, at military hospitals in D.C.

When the planes hit the supposedly less populated half of the pentagon there were hoards of burn victims. I was relatively young at the time but their faces when they came home is something I won’t soon forget. They told me about a burn patient who was literally covered in third degree burns across his body. From behind the ears to his tear ducts all the way down to the soles of his foot. From what they recounted he was absolutely silent when they brought him in despite in essence having the raw meat of his body exposed to air–something that should be excruciating.

Skin, it turns out, is the biggest defense the body has against infection. Within 24 hours his body was covered in massive black bleeds and infected sores. He still didn’t say anything, not even a moan (or so i’m told) until he died.


It was probably an acute stress reaction (layman’s “shock”, not circulatory shock). In other words, he was probably in so much pain his mind went into defense mode and just tuned out.


My roommate is a nurse and there is a homeless guy that comes to ER regularly. Apparently this guy had a major surgery in the last 10 years where they removed something from his stomach (or that general area). After the surgery he woke up and just left the hospital with out letting himself healing. He proceeded to do drugs such as meth and his body was never able to heal properly. Apparently he comes to the E.R. about once every week to re-bandage his intestines. The nurses have to rinse and sanitize the intestines and re-bandage him up every time he comes in. They simply take a large bandage and wrap it around his mid section. He has been seen outside the hospital holding his intestines with a plastic bag pressed to his stomach while smoking cigarettes.


Not a doc or nurse but during my CNA clinical time I was in a facility and we were rolling over a client with severe dementia to change out their brief. My hand was holding the rear and the back while the other aid undid the brief. I didn’t realize the client started shitting and was pinching a loaf INTO THE CUFF OF MY GLOVE. It was a fairly solid BM and went into my glove a good inch or two before the other aid helped me out.

Also: I used to place condom catheters on a paralyzed client every day which entailed giving that client a platonic handjob for a minute to get it hard then applying tincture of benzoid on the penis and blowing on it (a blow job, if you will) to get it tacky before rolling on the condom cath.

I wish I didn’t get paid near-minimum wage.


My wife worked at an ER in Dallas, TX for a while. While she has many stories of mutilated bodies, burn victims and gun-shot wounds, the one that got me was this one:

A kid, about 13, and his Mom come in to the ER. The Mom had dragged the kid in because he was complaining of real bad ‘digestive’ problems. The kid had convinced her he was fine, until he couldn’t hide the bleeding coming from his anus.

They take him in for X-Rays and see, clear as day, a 14″ black rubber cock (like in ‘that’ movie. They didn’t know it was black then, found out later, obviously). This thing had wedged itself up far (most likely due to his efforts to remove it), was pushing on the walls of his intestine and had 3 days worth of shit piled on top of it.

They take him into a private room and ask if there is anything he wants to tell them before they discuss specifics with his mother. It’s going to need to be removed surgically. He tells them no, he just felt sick. They tell them they had found an ‘object’ lodged in his lower intestine. His response: “Oh. I may have sat on a marker…!”

Poor kid. Just experimenting with that sexuality. With a black, 14″ rubber cock.


After reading this thread, I feel like the picture of health. Thanks, reddit.


Worked as a porter supply technician. Besides the abortion clinic days where I had to transport the medical waste, I would say that the worst thing I ever saw on the job was the aftermath of someone who walked into the main entrance and shot themselves in the face.

We didn’t have an active emergency room, so he had to be taken in an ambulance to the next closest hospital. Lived through it all.


Another rockin’ EMT here. We have the bizarre job of seeing crazy shit in context, in the actual hovels and dumps and insanity people choose to live in. Or as the ones that have to scoop (and I do mean scoop) the sinuously attached bits of living people-turned-marionette-attached-by-strings in order to get them to a hospital. Fun times. I don’t talk about certain types of violence (rape, abuse, torture) I’ve seen on the job (anthropologically this is the ‘distinction of sacred and profane horrors’ in trivialization), but here are a few things I’ve observed-

  • Keep your feet in the freakin’ footwellin cars. Cars are engineered to crumple on frontal impact to help absorb damage before actually reaching you as the driver or passengers. Pax (passengers) are protected by a stronger internal frame, designed anticipating that you’ll actually sit in them with your feet in the footwell. I responded to an MVA, front impact with cement barrier,where a teenager in the passenger seat had her feet up on the front dash (seatbelt on). Resulted in lateral amputation of both legs when the car accordian’d and her legs were driven into the plate of the car’s hood. So instead of cutting a hotdog in half, it’s like slicing in lengthwise all the way through. Folded her in half so badly her own body broke her hips and jammed into her upper chest. Miracle she lived. I got there and wondered how the hell to get a KED on something like that, obviously ALS had to intervene and the entire seat was taken with her to the ED. When I drive, I can’t have a passenger stick their feet on the dash or out the window because I can’t help but think of how liquid that girl was.
  • Huh, that key defense DOES workin self-defense classes when they tell girls to keep their keys out as they walk to their cars so they can jab for the eye if an attacker pounces. A guy came into the ED (although you have to be 18 to be an EMT I started my clinical training at 17, so underage I had to do a lot of ED work before getting out into the field).. with a key stuck in his eye. Fun fact, your eye has extraordinarily strong muscles, and while you can jab it with something like a scalpel, the muscles will contract and can actually GRIP something like a key, albeit rarely. So ok, gross, dude with a key sticking out of his eye, but what was so grossly fascinating was that when he stumbled in and looked around, the key swiveled along with his eye in the socket (so you’d be able to tell if he was ‘looking’ at you from how the key was pointed.) Kind of obvious when you think about it but it was very weird to see. Turns out he attacked a girl, she key’d him, then he ran to an ED lying that he was drunk and fell on his wallet keychain.
  • If you start playing with a dead animal, don’t forget where you put it. Call to a woman’s house and the stench is unbearable. (Isn’t it always?) She’s not altogether ‘there’, and has numerous health problems from not taking care of herself. What weirds us out is that most of the smell isn’t even coming from her, but somewhere in the house. I’m really worried there’s a dead kid in the house. Don’t ask that story. My partner checks a sunroom off to the side and there is a liquified deer carcassin the middle of the carpet, with all sorts of new biology swarming around it. I see bits of hoof; that’s how I guessed ‘deer’. We ask her about it and she starts giggling, all happy that we found it. Apparently she found a dead deer and thought it was soft so she brought it home, but then forgot about it. It had to have been there for months.

There are always the requisite ‘eccchhhh, overweight person’s skin flaps are infected’, or ‘oh look, not showering, can, in fact, make you a little biodome for the brave new world of maggots’, and the always popular ‘seriously?? How’d you FIT that in there??’ including such cameos as a snapple bottle, lightbulb, a pair of baby sneakers, etc. You know you’re jaded when you see an entire orange in a guy and the first thing that comes to mind is ‘huh, if only he’d peeled it first, I wonder if he could have absorbed any vitamin C’. My favorite is when a patient looks you straight in the eye, trying to keep a straight face while telling you ‘I fell on it’ or ‘I have NO IDEA how that got stuck there’. But I’ll leave you with one more, a sentimental first-day tale-

  • Try not to have a bad trip around hardware equipment. My first day in clinical rotations when I was a 17 year old girl still in high school, my second patient ever was a guy wheeled into the ED who had (and was still having) a bad acid trip. He kept screaming how the ‘canvas people’ bit him, and so he tried to cut off his own arm with a jigsaw so he wouldn’t get infected. Mind you, jigsaws are not very sharp, so that was a damn dedicated saw job right there, but the bone was cut through (inexplicably), and his arm was only attached by a few sinews. He was still freaking out in the hospital and kept trying to fight the guys trying to sedate him. As my first day I was told to just stand back, not really trained to do anything at all, which I did. Acid guy lurches to the side and punches one of the paramedics in the face with his good arm. A male nurse ran to get some sort of sedative so they could strap him down, leaving his otherside free, so he lurches again to punch someone else, swings around, and his loose arm flailed off. I won’t say it ‘flew’ off, because arms are very heavy, it kind of ‘wumped’ off, right at me, and not knowing what else to do I caught it, took the full splay of it, and looked like Carrie on prom night. (Actually he’d lost most available blood but I was still splattered like a Jackson Pollock painting.) They sedated him, rushed him away for severe shock/blood loss treatment and surgery. His arm could not be reattached because of how badly it was cut off, and he woke up the next day claiming he didn’t remember any of it. Imagine waking up and your arm is gone. Anyway, that’s not my most gory story, but was on my first day on the job, and catching a huck (loose limb) is not common, despite what Grey’s Anatomy and all that crap have written into their scripts, so it’s definitely one that sticks with me.


I’m a pill runner at a hospital on Long Island. I’ve seen gunshot victims, stabbings, car accidents. etc.. But these gruesome injuries aren’t the worst I’ve seen. A young guy overdosed and was in ICU with a coma for a week. Throughout that week it seemed like hundreds of people came to visit the kid. It was extremely sad seeing how many people cared for him and how much he was loved.


A friend of mine worked in a psych ward. On a night shift, a guy jumped from the second floor (not sure how he got out, I never asked). The nurses ran out, and was surprised to find him standing on the lawn outside. He was screaming his throat out, but was still standing upright for some reason.

As they got closer, they realized why. He’d snapped both his legs straight off in the fall, causing his splintered shins to impale the soil like a couple of organic javelins. My friend still shudders when referring to the blood, the creaking of the bones, and the screaming…


For some reason, this is in my top 3 most horrifying things I’ve read in this thread. And considering this thread, that’s saying something.

That mental image of a guy in agonizing pain standing skewered into the earth via his own shattered bones is just….



My cousin is a police officer and during his wife’s first pregnancy she was expecting twins. They went on a camping trip and she had a miscarriage, losing both of them while on the port-a-loo. Was quite the horror of personal imagination when I was told he had to crawl down in to the hole and retrieve his two unborn babies.


Fly eggs in leg wounds. People having caked on shit and eggs from laying in their own filth. Fly eggs in catheter bags. A foot so infected that the sock was welded to it with goop. An infected toe that I could pull the nail off and the patient wouldn’t feel it. Maggots in wounds.

…gotta go eat now. Love being an ER nurse!


My mom used to be a nurse at a children’s hospital in Pittsburgh. The worst I can remember her telling me was there was a little boy born without eyeballs. Other than that it would be the families that would bring their kids in and not even visit until it was time to take them home.


My mother used to work in the delivery unit. Being born without eyeballs is tame compared to the things she saw. Just a couple examples- all the insides on the outside, brain outside the head or no brain at all. Mush for head- just a bag of skin. They were all instantly fatal, obviously. If you’ve ever been to the back alley of the internet with pictures of all these conditions, then you get the gist of what she saw.


TA happy side note, if that’s possible on this story. I saw a baby be born after a rough delivery. Her head was very severely molded from fitting through the birth canal. I was a brand new nurse, and I told the doc that the baby didn’t look right. He smiled and said, “She’s perfect. Come see her tomorrow.” I was incredulous, but sure enough, the next day, she had a little round peach of a head. Amazing.


Wife is a nurse. Back when she was working at another hospital she had been taking care of a meth addict. This person looks like your typical user off Breaking Bad. Anyways she tells me that this one time someone came to visit her and while the visitor was in there one of the other nurses saw the visitor putting something in light fixture. The other nurse thought it was strange and went to go see what it was (thinking it was probably more drugs or something). Anyways what she pulls out has got to be the most disgusting thing I can think of. She takes it out and shows it to my wife. My wife immediately knows what it is and tells her she needs to get rid of it and wash her hands right now. What was it? Well the person visiting was also a meth addict and had pulled off some of their scabs (which for those unfamiliar can contain meth) and placed them in light fixture for the patient to eat later so they could get high.


Oh. My. God.

Don’t do meth, kids.


Was at a Hans Rosling lecture once when he talked about his time as a doctor in Mozambique. To illustrate how rudemental the health care was he retold a story of a pregnant woman who had been in delivery for 48hrs, risking to die. The baby had one arm prolapsed, apperently cut off from the rest of the circulation it had started to miscolor from necrosis, and was effectively stuck. Emergency caesarean was not an option where he was at. Rosling couldn’t say for sure that the baby was dead, he thought he might have heard faint heart sounds, but he new it was going to die either way, and so was the mother if he didn’t do something. After discussing with the pregnant womans mother Hans commenced cutting up the baby from inside (apparently not an uncommon procedure if the baby is dead and you don’t have access to the equipment required to perform a caesarean) and pulled the parts out. Apperently the woman survived.


Yeah, that is pro-level medical birth horror.


My GF worked as an EMT for a bit. She had a case when she was in training where a guy took some kind of psycho-active drug and thought his fingers were trying to attack him. So he shot them off one by one with a handgun. It was just a bloody, pulpy stump left on his left hand. He obviously had to stop when he wanted to shoot off the fingers on his trigger hand.


Not me but my mom, emt got called to the scene of a bicyclist that got hit by a bus. Upon arrival they found him dead at the scene and decapitated. They searched for his head But couldn’t find it anywhere, after about 30 min or so they take the body to the hospital and X-ray it, they found the head, it had been pushed straight into his chest cavity and was sitting where his lungs and heart were.


Story from a friend:

Unstrapped baby in the back of the car, thrown forward onto the manual gear shift that was missing its knob. Baby’s head speared between the two frontal lobes.

Upon arrival at ER, the ER docs requisitioned said friend and others from maintenance who cut the gear shift out of the car to enable the docs to bring baby in for surgery.

Friend was told months later that the baby appears on track to make a full recovery.


Working in a stroke unit as a male nurse. Worst thing i’ve seen? Or rather what’s unnerving me most? The families visiting. Couldn’t imagine being in their position.


I’m in veterinary medicine, and KIDS are what get me the most. Don’t get me wrong, adults can be big babies too, but I guess I just feel terrible for the kids because I got to keep all my beloved childhood pets until I was at least well into my teens.

The worst one was when I was a receptionist. We had a parvo puppy dropped off that was already in bad shape, in addition to the family being dirt poor. Cute little lemon beagle. When the owner came in to pick the dog up and heard that even with the best, most expensive supportive care, this puppy might not make it, she opted to just take him home for the short time he had left. There was a little girl (4-5 years old) waiting in the waiting room, and when mom came out with the beagle she lit up, ran over, going “Yaaaay! My puppy went to the doctor, is he all better? Can we play now?” The look that went over the mom’s face fuckin’ killed me. Horrible.


Firefighter and EMT, and I’m in the same boat. I can deal with gore all day, but seeing the family is by far the worst.


Student psych nurse – similarly, it breaks my heart to see the families of those with dementia come in and not be recognised by their own father/husband/wife/sister, etc. 🙁


This isn’t my story, but it was told to me by a nurse. So, a pregnant meth addict comes into the hospital, complaining that she can’t feel her baby moving. They lay her down, and when the skirt is lifted to look inside, her vagina was filled with maggots. Apparently, she had a miscarriage without noticing, and the maggots were feeding on what was still caught inside of her. The image is burned into my brain.


Me running an emergency clinic in India. We had around 40 visits an hour with around half of them admissions. There was no facility in neighbouring districts.

Seen so much that I am numb. This one comes to mind first.

Multiple stab wounds on a man with throat cut till the bone is exposed.

Yes he was dead within minutes.


Respiratory Therapist in Level One Trauma Center here. Once we had a man come in with an open leg fracture, like literal bone (femur) pointing up and rest of leg meat hanging off and partially resting on bed. He had been in a motorcycle accident with his wife (riding on the back) who actually died. The worse part being that he was wearing one of those biker shirts that read..”If you can read this, the bitch fell off”. Pretty horrible stuff…


I heard this story from one of the nurses at the hospital I volunteer for.

Apparently, this lady comes in complaining about a huge pain in her vagina. The doctor checks and he begins observing when he notices something strange and bulbous. Eventually, he pulls it out and it’s a huge potato and the lady exclaims, “Oh, wow, I forgot that was even in there!”

It turned out that she had a fever or something a few weeks before and in her culture, she believed that sticking potatoes up there cured the problem.


I worked as an EMT for a few months. We were called out to a house by a family who said that theyre Dad wouldnt get out bed or take his meds and he was becoming increasingly violent and ill. So we go out there. AS soon as I open the door Im punched in the face with this stench that could fucking peel paint. I have a strong stomach and I could barely stand it. I mean it just put a lump in your throat. So we find this guy lying in bed, naked, covered head to toe in piss/ shit/ blood/ and vomit. No joke. His hair was matted with feces and dried flood. Did I mention he had Hep C? So we try to convince the guy to leave because he needs to go to the hospital. He refuses and proceeds to pick up a razor off the table enxt to him and start trying to cut me and the other EMTs. He spit on my shirt. We call the cops, they tell him to go with us, he refuses, he gets tazed.

They tazed the fuck out of this dude. Apparently he was using meth and WOULD NOT go down easy. So they tazed the crap out of him, eventually got him onto the truck, and pumped him with a quad dose of Valuum.

Best part was…I got to pull the tazer barbs out. If youve never seen one up close, they look like a eagle claw fish hook- the kind that hook backwards and dont come out. Only they have a dozen hooks on them. So this thing is buried 1/2″ in this dudes side. I try to proceed as gingerly as possible, it aint happenin. The EMT-P says “just yank it”…so I did. It sounded like I was tearing a heavy towel in half. That was the worst shit I have ever done.


I’m an EMT, and some of the worst things I’ve seen are the atrocities committed at nursing homes. Just as an example, we picked up a guy last week to take to the hospital who had chewed down to the first knuckle on his index finger. When I asked why he had done this, he replied, “So I could get out of this place.” I truly believe that nursing homes are the worst places to send the elderly.. Care for your parents when they get older, don’t send them to these shit-holes.


Nursing homes aren’t all bad, I’ve worked at one for ten years and we take very good care of our residents and get excellent reviews by family members. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t throw them all under the bus with your blanket statement.


We hired a nurse for my grandmother. We couldn’t give her the help she needed but we didn’t want to send her to a home.


Very rare that families can afford this service unfortunately.


I posted this story once on reddit, but it fits very well here. A friend of mine is doing med school in Pakistan. He is doing clinical one night in the ER and a patient comes in. The patient was a victim of a suicide bomb blast (it gets pretty NSFL from here…). The front side of the victim was entirely burned and his innards were literally hanging out of his body. The victim was still conscious and feeling everything. The head doctor could not administer a painkiller due to the mess his body was in (they simply could not find a vein). My friend had (along with a few other intern doctors who weren’t freaking out) had to hold his guts in place for 4 hours until he eventually died. My friend told me that he could feel him slowly getting colder and colder and the entire time the man just pleaded for death.


I just want to thank every Nurse, Doctor, Paramedic, Emt, or anyone else in the medical field. THANK YOU GUYS AND GIRLS SO MUCH!
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