A recent survey of 100,400 nurses by CareerBliss.com ranked nursing as one of the “Unhappiest Jobs in America.”

Individuals surveyed were asked to rank their happiness based on the following 10 factors that affect workplace happiness:

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  • relationship with the boss
  • relationship with co-workers
  • the work environment
  • job resources
  • compensation
  • growth opportunities
  • company culture
  • company reputation
  • daily tasks
  • control over the work one does daily.

The results were as follows:

The Top Unhappiest Jobs in America

5.Programmer (tie) Index score: 3.65 (out of a possible 5)

5.Product manager (tie) Index score: 3.65

  1. Sales engineer  Index score:3.64

3.Teacher Index score: 3.59

  1. Registered nurse Index score:3.55

1.  Security officer Index score:3.51

So, why Are Nurses Unhappy?

It’s interesting to note that the dissatisfaction among nurses does not stem from the labor of nursing itself, but rather the politics involved with working in healthcare.

Nurses cited compensation, growth opportunities, and workplace culture as the three things they were most dissatisfied with.

“Nurses . . . have more issues with the culture of their workplaces, the people they work with and the person they work for,” Golledge says. “The factors driving the unhappiness tell different stories for these two jobs.”

The three points cited as the areas of concern are complaints that many nurses have.

Who hasn’t wanted an increase in pay? Those who want to rise in the nursing hierarchy find it difficult even in the best of circumstances. And the workplace culture of healthcare can be described as difficult at best. Even in the best of workplaces, there are still times when politics and “who’s who”is considered above anything else.

These points of dissatisfaction are obviously very unfortunate. But nursing is a labor of love and if nurses are happy, the level of patient care is obviously good.

  • So what can be done to lift Nursing out of this unhappiness?
  • What can be done to address the issue of compensation, growth opportunities, and workplace culture?
  • And if all these things are improved, will nurses find other reasons to be unhappy with their chosen profession?

Perhaps whether the “happiness level” will increase in nursing is really up to nurses. What can nurses do to action appropriate changes?

Demand Appropriate Wages

Nurses must make a point of demanding fair and appropriate wages for the level of service and care they provide to their patients. One way to help increase wages is to show the value of nurses more concretely in terms of reimbursement. Add “nursing care” as a line item of medical claims. Don’t group nurses in as part of the “room rate.” Charge for procedures, assessments monitoring, and so on. If the nursing care is seen as adding value to healthcare, then management must prove it!

Create a Clear Development Process

Some employers already have programs in place to allow future leaders to show their interest and take steps to earn their rightful place in management and administration. If you have an interest in being a leader, then become involved in these programs. If your employer does not already have a program in place, have a meeting with the hospital administration and volunteer to spearhead the committee. You will not only put yourself in line for a promotion, but you will help others to achieve their career goals.

Create a Culture of Excellence

Hospital culture is likely one of the biggest potential detriments to nurses’ job satisfaction. If the management tends to turn a blind eye to the likes of bullies and naysayers, then the nurse with integrity and character is often left out in the cold. It is difficult to succeed and feel confident in your job and happy with your work. If you are employed at an organization that has a poor culture, then work to improve it. Meet with administrators and educators to develop a no tolerance bullying standard and to take a stand against nepotism and bullying. Offer ideas as to how to improve the rewards and recognition system. Be a motivator amongst your cohort and a positive influence on all you encounter. You will be surprised at how powerful a smile and an uplifting compliment can be for the happiness of your department overall. Smiles are contagious, so if you can get enough exposure, you might just put the whole hospital in a better mood!

Nurses: Are you unhappy with your job?

What else can be done to increase your happiness?
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