Nurses are self-sufficient and independent. Nurses are wired to cope and maintain, but there are a few things that Nurses simply cannot live without. Here are 8 of them:

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  1. Coffee, coffee and… coffee.  Caffeine is a nurse’s best friend. Frankly, most can’t survive a shift without it. Nurses drink more coffee than any other professional.  It seems to make them happy, alert, patient, alive and not wanting to strangle their co-workers.  It’s a miracle ‘fix’!
  2. Tape. How can any nurse live without tape? Nurses use tape for EVERYTHING. If it moves, tape it! If it doesn’t move, tape it anyway, just in case it decides it wants to move.
    I.Vs, I.V pole broke, the Iv bag, the wall, the bed, the monitor, the patient and their family members…especially the loud obnoxious ones. Don’t have a sling? Make one with cardboard and tape. Remove hair from your patient once it’s shaved, for lead placement. Duct tape drunk demented David’s mouth shut…no just a joke. But it would do the trick…just saying. Use duct tape to tape your manager to her chair in her office. Tape your nostrils together while cleaning up a code brown.
  3. A fix for smells. If you deal with stinky smells on a daily basis and the smell stays with you even when you go home, you need at least one of these.
    Mentholatum ( a jar that’s small enough to fit in your pocket)
    Vicks VapoRub
    Peppermint oil

Best Peppermint Oil (Large 4 Ounce) 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Piperita)

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Dab one of the above under your nose and it will rid your nose of smelly Susan’s C-Diff.

4. Pizza and peanut butter.  Nurses eat more pizza and peanut butter than any other profession, true story. The peanut butter is healthy, but pizza? Not so much. Not too great when your profession is healthcare.  But nurses are human too and pizza is quick, and great the next day too.  It’s the perfect food!  Carbs, vegetables, and protein all in one go that you can fold over and shove in your mouth as you rush through the break room. Get them on speed dial and soon the local pizza joint knows you by name.

  1. Stethoscope. It is not sanitary to use anyone else’s stethoscope, especially the ones that sit at the nurses’ station breading bacteria. Pseudomonas germs are a real thing!  Keep your stethoscope around your own neck and don’t lend this vital tool to anyone. Oh, and cleaning it every occasionally, is always a must. Remember, you’re bringing all kinds of everything into your home to your family if you don’t.
  2. If you don’t have a good pair of nursing shoes then you’re just asking for trouble.  Here’s a tip: When making that purchase, don’t buy nursing shoes for looks or the latest trend!  Comfort is everything.  You have long shifts and at the end of the day, no one cares how cute the latest shoe looks. Only your feet care. Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.

Timberland Renova Shoes are by far the best nursing shoes for any nurse. They’re comfortable and will remain comfortable all day, so your feet don’t sting and burn, and your legs won’t ache and feel as if they are about to fall off with the next step you take.

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7. Support stockings. You need them. And no, they’re not just for older nurses. Being on your feet all day makes your legs hurt. It is a given. Standing and being on your feet all day also causes varicose veins and other leg disorders. Do yourself a favor and get some good support stockings. They’ll feel awesome and your legs won’t feel as if you have run a marathon, even though you probably have done the equivalent during any given shift. Sigvarisare the best support hose you can buy.

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8.‘Lunch’.  I know I said pizza earlier, but when you get over the fast food options, switch to eating a healthier more satisfying option. The unidentifiable, over-priced garbage you find in the cafeteria is usually frozen garbage that they fry in grease and it’s loaded with an unbelievable number of calories and sugar. You know, those things that make your thighs blow up like a bed tick. Satisfies you momentarily and after an hour, you are ‘hangry’. If you make your own lunch, you know what you are putting into your body. I know it takes a bit of time and thought to prepare ahead, but your body will thank you for it.

Happy nursing!

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