The flu vaccine has been surrounded by speculation recently over claims that not only is the shot ineffective, but that it can actually be harmful.

One tends to wonder about the safety of these vaccines if even the nurses are refusing to get vaccinated.

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It is always instilled in us to trust doctors and nurses implicitly, but there is a certain double standard going on if the nurses who are giving you the flu vaccine are so against it that they themselves refuse to have one.

The flu vaccine has recently been exposed as somewhat of a scam, with Big Pharma having been accused of making millions out of it, with claims that the contents of the vaccine are actually useless.

The healthcare system is so controlling over its workers that despite numerous cases of nurses becoming sick after receiving the flu vaccine, they are told that they must comply, or lose their jobs. And some nurses in certain hospitals have in fact been relieved of their duties for resisting the vaccines.

Nurses have been forced into getting vaccines which have made them sick, and this breach of their human rights has caused one group of nurses to create the activist group ‘Nurses against mandatory vaccines‘.

The key word here is ‘mandatory’. On their website, the CDC denies that they are involved in forcing workers into getting vaccines, but the personal stories say otherwise.

From the website:

“CDC does not issue any requirements or mandates for state agencies, health systems, or health care workers regarding infection control practices, including influenza vaccination. There are no legally mandated vaccinations for adults, except for persons entering military service. CDC does recommend certain immunizations for adults, depending on age, occupation, and other circumstances, but these immunizations are not required by law.”

The flu vaccine has been found to be ineffective in protecting people against the flu, and people who received the vaccine were found to be no more protected against the flu than people who hadn’t been vaccinated.

The problem with the flu ‘vaccine’ is the flu is a changeable virus, and the strains that are protected against are different from one year to the next.

What are your thoughts? To vaccinate or not…or to be forced to vaccinate?

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