In essence, the Internet and social media are powerful tools which when used constructively allow us, as humans, to communicate, learn, progress and flourish.

It provides us with an endless stream of knowledge – you want to find out the winner of the Ghanaian Premier League in 2003, you can, you want to find out about the Norman Conquest of England, go ahead. It’s all there. It is an infinite source of information.
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Similarly with social media, when used properly, it connects us, from our bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and toilets, to the world – we can send messages, files, and pictures to the other side of the world in a click. It makes the world infinitely smaller.

Unfortunately, though, there’s a dark side to social media and the Internet as a whole – and this is just one story illustrating how people’s misuse of social media can change the way we see medicine.

Anna Kim, a Russian nurse, is under investigation for posting pictures onto social media of her mocking dying patients and explaining a whole host of disturbing things she suggests as merely common behavior in the hospital in which she works.

In one post she wrote:

[The hospital staff] only help people they want to help. If they don’t want to help, you are doomed. They don’t give a f*ck. Patients may have extremely low blood pressure, and doctors don’t use defibrillators.

Shockingly, the woman, Anna Kim, has not been fired for her social media outbursts despite taking photos with patients who were fighting for their life.

In another written post, she said:

Some patients might go out of their minds…. We tie them to beds. But it’s okay, this is life.

Worryingly, this appears to be somewhat of a social media trend in Russia – with other doctors and nurses who have reportedly posted similar pictures.

Gulnaz Yalalova, a 20-year-old nurse, posed with a spleen that had just seconds before been removed from a patient.

In Syktyvkar, a male gynecologist reportedly shared a photo of a woman’s vagina which he took while examining her.

Two nurses in Alexandrov posed with packets of donated blood and used the legs of a sedated intensive care patient as targets for hoops which they threw at her.

This has been labeled as both vile and despicable conduct and the perpetrators should be dealt with appropriately.

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