Taking the time to look your absolute best for your job can create short-term and long-term benefits for your life and for your career prospects.
People who dress professionally and maintain their appearance project confidence, leadership, intelligence and a healthy degree of attractiveness in the eyes of any beholder. It also creates the impression that you are in control, and this, in turn, causes those around you to trust you more. Not only are these theories supported by anecdotal evidence but by actual studies.

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Dr. Frank Bernieri, an associate professor of psychology at Oregon State University, conducted one of these studies in which he asked employers for feedback about those traits they deem most favorable of prospective applicants. Conservative, neat dress sense and a well-groomed appearance were at the top of the list. Dr. Bernieri also found that most employers make a decision in an interview about an applicant’s suitability for the job within 10-30 seconds of a first meeting. First impressions count.

This means that you have literally the amount of time it takes your future boss to blink once or twice, to impress them. And even after you get the job, ensuring that you maintain your presentable image is paramount to retaining their respect.

Even considering that many people have jobs entailing the wearing of uniforms, the same ‘laws’ of cleanliness and professionalism also apply. Stained and creased scrubs send out the wrong message about what you are like as a person. A casual and relaxed image is fine but unwashed, smelly, soiled uniforms are not the way to project these qualities. Rather keep your scrubs freshly laundered and let your personality express the laid-back attitude that you wish to achieve.

We live in a looks-oriented culture, a culture that subtracts popularity points from everyday ordinary looking people but also enables these same people to win some points back through smart, dashing clothing/uniforms and a winning attitude. The variety and styles of uniforms and scrubs available leave no excuse for looking shoddy in the workplace.

It’s said clothes speak volumes about not only who you are but, more importantly, who you think you are and who you would like to be. The way you present yourself to the world sends out a message. Make sure it’s the right one.

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