As a healthcare professional, it is vital that you keep up with trends and grow your knowledge. Different to most other professions, it IS a  matter of life and death, and so Knowlege is everything! If you want to find out which are the best healthcare YouTube channels to grow your knowledge or fuel your professional interests, you need to look no further. 

Do you want to know who’s watching wh? Or which YouTube channel gets the most hits? Which are the most popular channels followed by colleagues who always seem to be in the know?

Here’s our list of the most popular YouTube channels, with viewing figures that stretch all the way from 800,000 to almost 80 million. If these many people have had a look at the number one channel on our list, it’s safe to say these YouTube videos have proved to be a valuable resource.
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  1. American Medical Association (AMA)

800,000 views and counting.

The CEO of this organization says, “A healthier nation is a national imperative, and America’s physicians – through the AMA – are leading the way.”

If you like the idea of physicians and patients working together to make the nation a healthier place for the future, you will certainly be inspired by the videos posted to this medical YouTube channel. You can also follow @AmerMedicalAssn on Twitter to share your thoughts about the issues they raise in their films using the hashtag #AHealthierNation.

2. Aurora Health Care

1,100,000 views and rising

This non-profit organization operates in the eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois areas, but its approach to healthcare education and patient protection is relevant to everyone everywhere. The support goes way beyond health care itself. The goal is to support communities struggling with domestic violence, sexual assault, and to suggest and help implement treatment programs – essentially, taking care of their total well-being.

3. GE Healthcare

4,300,000 views and rising

If the future of medicine is where you’re at, then this is the channel for you. GE’s educational videos cover wide ranges of subjects, from medical diagnostics and patient monitoring systems to information technologies and the discovery of new pharmaceuticals.

Part of the General Electric Company, this unit of discovery is all about innovation, performance improvement and better quality healthcare for all.

4. American Heart Association

9,000,000 views and counting

If you’re interested in training to be a cardiographic specialist, you’ll find plenty of learning videos on this channel. Describing the need for their work as “beyond question,” the Association uses YouTube to raise awareness of health conditions related to cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

As well as learning about healthcare programs and professional goals for improvement, you’ll also meet real people and families in their videos. They talk about the desire for a healthier, longer life, and how to live a healthy life.

5. Healthcare Triage

10,800,000 views and rising

Health research and policy is important to all healthcare professionals, not only those already working. The YouTube medical videos on this channel are well-organized, with a designated playlist for Healthcare Triage LIVE, which films Dr. Aaron Carroll answering general questions about healthcare.

Carroll is a Professor of Pediatrics and Associate Dean for Research Mentoring at Indiana University School of Medicine who contributes to The Incidental Economist which blogs about the US healthcare system.

6. Kaiser Permanente Thrive

11,000,000+ views

This channel has a regular supply of videos that will appeal to a wide audience. It’s full of everyday tips which advise you how to stay fit and healthy.

There are videos that show you how to make healthy recipes, documented interviews with healthcare experts, and short films showing real-life stories. This is a vibrant feed that is accessible on all levels, for healthcare students, doctors, and patients alike.

7. American Cancer Society

13,700,000+ views

The American Cancer Society introduces its YouTube channel with the line: “We’re working every day to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.” To the many of us have been affected by cancer in either a professional or personal capacity (sometimes both), consider this your healthcare online training for everything related to the disease.

Here you can meet survivors, read statistics, and watch campaigns that aim to raise awareness.

8. Siemens

43,100,000+ views

This well-known brand has been around for more than 160 years. All around the world, the name is recognized by healthcare professionals like diagnostic medical sonographers who work with imaging equipment.

They produce equipment that enables healthcare staff to be as efficient and accurate as they can be in their day to day job, whilst delivering excellent patient care. In medical innovation, Siemens is known for engineering excellence and precision technologies.

9. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

76,900,000+ views

Whatever healthcare issue you might search for on the internet, it is very likely that you will be re-directed to a link or video of the CDC. Their YouTube channel covers everything from the Ebola crisis to radiation and from air travel to HIV testing in the transgender community.

With a mission to help save lives and protect our nation from local and international threats to our health, the CDC is one of the most popular channels by far.

Do you have any other medical channels that you follow? Share the links in the comments below.
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