Gifts to lighten a nurse’s day are not hard to find; you just have to look for ways to brighten their day and put a smile on their face. Some of these gifts are for laughs, others are actually useful, but all will be appreciated by your favorite nurse.

See if there is one for you or for a nurse in your life on this list:

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  1. Colon Plush toy: You move me.

Plush organ available here.

2. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Featuring Hello Kitty For Kids, Assorted Sizes, 20 

Click here to get these cute band-aids.

3. Human organ lunch box

Fun lunch box available here.

4. Prescription coffee mug.

Personalized prescription mug available here.

5. Giant gummy heart.

Get this sweet gift here!

6. Doctor Nutcracker

Nutcracker for the Xmas table? Get it here.

7. Target Alarm clock

Perfect gift for the sleepy nurse. Get it here.

8. Shut the Hell Up Gum

Great fun gift idea. Available here.

9. Clever scope LED light.

This useful gift available here.

10. iPhone 6 Cover for Nurses

Crazy cover available here.

11. Nurse coloring book. 

Get this perfect gift here.

12. Kama Pootra

Nurses will love this: get a copy here.

13. Giant Microbe Tree ornaments.

Get these perfect tree ornaments here.

14. Nurse gift socks.

Off duty Nursing socks available here.

15. Fun badge hoder – Pancreas

Just for fun. Gift available here.

16. Unisex soft stretch beanies

Fun beanie for nurses. Click here.

17. Nurse USB


This Injection USB available here.

18. Nurse Penlight Stylus.

Great Multi-use gift available here.

19. Nurse Hair Ties


Nurse Hair Ties available here.

20. Emergency Underpants Dispenser. 

Not sure either…but this fun gift available here.

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