Sexism/Racism in Nursing School

In 2017, we should not even be entertaining the possibility that these are still issues. And yet, terms such as ‘Sexism’ and ‘Racism’ when considering offering financial aid to students, continue to rear their ugly heads. Let’s hear first-hand from the student nurses posting their thoughts on Reddit.
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elpinguinosensualBSN, RN-Operating Room offered the following post:

I’ll first say that I am aware that this is likely an issue across all majors, but I’ve only experienced what I’m about to mention.

Is anyone besides me deeply bothered that many (most) scholarships are only offered to a certain race and/or gender? I get it, certain socio-economic groups probably need more help than others, but is it not racist and sexist to offers financial aid based on race or gender?

Example: My school sends out mass emails to the nursing students whenever they come across a scholarship or internship/externship opportunity. This wouldn’t normally bother me, but at least 90% of these opportunities are female only, Indian only, Hispanic only, African-American only, etc., etc., etc.

My school happens to be somewhat affluent, so most of the students are 18 years old when they start and have EV-ER-Y-THING paid for by their families. These kids also come from Native American, Indian, Hispanic, etc. households. The majority are also female for whatever statistical reason you care to cite. These same students qualify for scholarships that either stack on top of their paid-off tuition (which results in a hefty refund that some of us could use for rent/bills/food) or give their wealthy families a discount they probably won’t even notice.

So, my gripe is this: what the fuck school? White males can come from poverty just like anyone else. Does it happen as often? Certainly not. But why can’t these scholarships just use individual or family income as a qualifier instead of something so base as gender or race or nationality?

I’ve sent emails to my school multiple times about this issue and I’ve been ignored each and every time.

Edit: I’m not replying to the people who clearly misunderstood or didn’t really read my post. You ignore me, I ignore you. Jesus guys, I’m not a fucking cretin, I don’t think I’m entitled to anything for being a white male. My point is that it’s troubling that my school is promoting discriminatory scholarships. People hear race and immediately attack the closest white dude.


There’s this old idea that you can’t be it if you can’t see it. Basically, if you don’t see anyone like you doing what you want to do, you are less likely to think that you can, too.

The organizations who set up the scholarships are usually aiming to overcome that hurdle. They want to encourage people who are under-represented. The scholarship organizers have a specific reason that they are offering the scholarship.

I’m sorry you can’t find one for you. Scholarships are not guaranteed, nor is their availability.

Stop looking at them as something you deserve. Stop looking at them as something wealthy people don’t deserve. If some rich asshole wants to give his money to your rich asshole classmate, that’s great for them. It has NO EFFECT on you.

Options based on need, like financial aid, are available to everyone equally.

Bingo! People can give their money to whomever.


Stop looking at them as something you deserve. Stop looking at them as something wealthy people don’t deserve.


Frost57Post RN-BSN

Feeling upset that other people (e.g. non-white males) get unfair advantages like scholarships is normal and shows that you want people to be treated more fairly. Being treated equally is good, but the purpose of these scholarships is not to necessarily make things equal. Indeed, the only reason they exist is to benefit specific groups that the creators of the scholarship feel akin towards (e.g. racial minorities, females, people with disabilities). It’s like charity; you support the group that you feel most passionate about and largely ignore the rest. I’m sorry that you’re born into a world in which being white, and male, has historically been characterized by increased privileges over other demographics. It would be nice if we could live in a world where help was given to those who need it more based on income, and we do to an extent (government institutions/financial aid) but private groups are nevertheless free to give money and support to whomever they choose. Arguably, more people benefit from specific scholarships that people can be excited about and wish to financially support (like scholarships for the disabled, or for students meeting certain characteristics) rather than more ‘boring’ and non-specific scholarships, which are probably harder to finance. It’s not fair, but it’s probably not going to change.

elpinguinosensualBSN, RN-Operating Room

What I’m trying to point out is that guys like me can only “move on” once or twice before our options (beyond government, etc.) run out, and I’m sure we’re all painfully aware that government assistance doesn’t come close to covering all our costs.

And I get those private organizations can make up whatever criteria they want, it’s totally legal. The thing is that legal doesn’t mean a lot to someone struggling to make ends meet. I care if it’s ethical, not legal.

aislinnanneRN, BSN-Cardiac Tele

The vast majority of scholarships are private. It is likely so specific because whoever started the scholarship was giving back to a community they are a part of. I understand it’s frustrating though.

And I get those private organizations can make up whatever criteria they want, it’s totally legal.

So, you’re mad at other minorities giving other minorities scholarships mostly?

Why don’t you take it up with other white males, who give the scholarships? Ask Bill Gates why he doesn’t give scholarships to white males.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Lol prepare yourself though, downvotes are coming!


Lmao, We’ll survive!!

elpinguinosensualBSN, RN-Operating Room[S]

That’s not what I said. At all. You replied to the textbook racist you assumed I was for mentioning anyone’s race.Bottom of Form

White people benefit from scholarships more than anyone else. If you want Jewish scholarship and you’re not Jewish. You won’t be getting one. Are you going to tell all the Jewish people to still give you one because it’s not fair?


I’d like to start off by stating that I am a POC and that I’ve never won a scholarship aimed at POC students. I’ve applied to so many organizations and didn’t even get the runner-up prize. My GPA was 3.2 and those awards were awarded to students with a nearly perfect 4.0 GPA in the nursing program.

I would like to point out that these scholarships you are angry about, are not easy to earn. I don’t want to get into a social topic, but it seems that you think that just because you’re a different race that you’re awarded a scholarship. It’s just not true. Those scholarship winners have really stuck to their guns and are very deserving of the scholarship.

I wish you the best in your scholarship search.

elpinguinosensualBSN, RN-Operating Room[S]

I didn’t even come close to saying that you get free money for being non-white. I’m talking about sheer qualification for a scholarship or other opportunity. I’m saying that if you and I both had 4.0 GPAs, you would be qualified for more scholarship money than I would.

And that is wrong.


I would like for you to view a video:

With that being said, I’m sorry you’re having financial difficulties. However, it is up to the scholarship distributors to decide who to give their money to. They may wish to see more minorities, women, LGBT folks, finish their college education and want to contribute to closing the education gap that these people face.

The best I can suggest is to apply for many scholarships, and write them a thank-you note if you are a recipient. That may inspire them to continue in their efforts to help out others who are in your situation!

elpinguinosensualBSN, RN-Operating Room[S]

That has to be the most condescending reply you could give. Bonus points.


I hate to cite an MTV documentary, but that one about white people actually explicitly pointed out that those that have these gripes are wrong. That the majority of scholarship money does go to white students. It probably feels like people of color are qualified for more, but it’s actually not true.


Your school must have some initiative to meet some kinda quota to have certain minorities in your program.

My mother is a teacher and you would be appalled at the amount of regulation that requires a certain number of minorities to be in a class, program, whatever.


Sorry but you made, the fatal error of being a white male and not feeling privileged because all of us are privileged even if we are not because if we are not we still are and we just are not aware making us even worse people. Privilege is NOT divided by race. The same goes with intelligence, beauty, or moral character. To all those bashing would you really be OK with a scholarship offered to ONLY white males? Aside from this OP, unfortunately, scholarships are not necessarily need-based. They are very often people or groups offering money to people they share characteristics with or have been convinced are owed something.

That always bothered me when I was in school. Never could find scholarships for white males even though they are a minority in the field.


The school I am looking to attend and the college I graduated from didn’t have any scholarships like that. They were all academic based. I guess unless you count fraternity or sorority specific scholarships, but I don’t think that’s what you are getting at. I can understand your frustration, but maybe it has more to do with your location and the minority situation there?


But particularly in nursing, as a male, you qualify as a minority, so you have those scholarships available to you.

elpinguinosensualBSN, RN-Operating Room[S]

All one of them?


Scholarships aren’t set up by the school unless they’re explicitly stated, like an honor’s program scholarship or something similar. The majority of scholarships are provided for by independent donors who want to help people in X demographic. It isn’t the school who decides to only set up funds for black gay women with no left feet, and they can’t really do anything about there not being a scholarship for white guys.

The reason for the huge amount of scholarships for people who aren’t straight white guys specifically is that historically, they didn’t need help as much. Not saying you can’t have problems. But in general, white guys did not have near as many as other groups. Now that male attendance of college is below female and dropping, we might start to see an increase in scholarships targeted towards men.


get a job and pay for school yourself.

elpinguinosensualBSN, RN-Operating Room[S]

I work full time already, thanks. If you think that’s enough you’re either living off your parents or (a time traveler) from the 70s.


I’ve never once seen a scholarship for Indians. If you have, can you pass it on?


What is your experience of this? Is it still a thing? Leave comments below.

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