Best Shoes for Nurses 2017 and what to consider when shopping for them.

Nursing shoes are all over the place. There are so many to choose from. But let’s face it: Shoes that perfectly combine style, protection, and comfort are hard to come by.

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As nurses, it is important to have the right kind of shoe because of the constant standing and walking during those eight- to twelve-hour shifts. Working under these conditions, without a reliable pair of nursing shoes, leg and back problems will inevitably develop.
A sensible pair of nursing shoes will support not only your feet but your legs, back, and importantly, your joints as well. This is important in preventing future health problems like arthritis and slipped discs which are characterized by severe discomfort in every little movement you make.

Why it is important to invest in a good pair of nursing shoes:

If you are new to the nursing profession, you might not be aware that nurses mostly work under extreme conditions.

Whether hospitals are under-staffed or not, nurses are expected to work straight 12-hour shifts. They perform exacting tasks like lifting patients and helping with patient’s bed baths. When there is a code, they also run in the hallway to get to the patient as fast as possible. Therefore, a good pair of nursing shoes will help in these circumstances.

There are the other benefits of wearing a good pair of nursing shoes:

  • Posture support.

Posture support helps to prevent low back pain leg problems later on in life. It is also important for nurses to maintain good posture for more endurance in completing everyday tasks.

  • Arch support.

According to Dr. Barbara Bergin, an orthopedic surgeon in Austin, Texas, the most important consideration for proper shoe wear is arch support. High or low arches have been a common problem for most people so shoes with stable arch support are preferred. A great arch support will also add more comfort when you’re walking or running around a busy unit.

  • Prevention of fatigue-related problems.

Nurses are prone to develop health problems like arthritis, muscle cramps, and low back pain because they are always on their feet. These problems can be easily prevented by wearing proper shoes for hospital work.

  • Speed and flexibility.

Wearing comfortable and light shoes at work will make it far easier to move around. Wearing the best nursing shoes for your feet is critically important when completing as many tasks as possible in a short space of time, especially when you are working under pressure during extended shifts.

  • Slip prevention.

Nurses, especially those who are working in nursing homes, are more likely to incur injuries from a slipping than workers in other industries. Spills on hospital floors are common and nurses should protect themselves from these with the help of water-resistant, non-slip shoes. Safety should never be compromised by a pair of cheaper shoes.

  • Maximum comfort.

No doubt, nursing is definitely one of the most exacting jobs around. The burden of a busy shift will feel shorter if the focus is taken off your feet.

What Are The Different Styles of Nursing Shoes?

Nurses these days are spoiled for choice when it comes to the shoes they work in. There are several styles of nursing shoes available on the market nowadays. Each of these styles is made for specific needs and a specific working environment. There are three style options of nursing shoes to choose from:

  • Slip-on
    Nurses worrying about laces coming untied all the time should consider a slip-on type of nursing shoe. With this style, there is no need to worry about repeatedly tying laces, the risk of cross-contamination, and having to wash hands all the time.
  • Clogs
    With closed front area and an open back, clogs are considered as the most comfortable nursing shoe style around. Clogs are mostly suitable for nurses who prefer spacious footwear, but clogs are also designed to relieve different pressure points on the feet. Clogs commonly have straps in the back to keep the shoes in place. They are made from leather or rubber materials and may have additional holes in the tops like Crocs and Alegria. If you think that the stigma of clogs might be off-putting, have a look at the funky options on the Alegria site.
  • Sneakers
    Sneakers are great for the fast-paced environment like ERs and ICUs. This type of nursing shoe will cushion your feet and protect it from fluid spills. They are very comfortable to wear if you are always running around the unit.

Additional Tips & Warnings:

  1. Most nursing shoes are made from leather and rubber because these materials are easy to maintain and clean.Shoes made from synthetic or vegan leather are also an option but not recommended as they can make your feet sweaty. Suede shoes are also less popular because suede is difficult to clean. Cloth-based nursing shoes like those made from canvas are not recommended as they can be stained easily and very time-consuming to clean. Overall, most nurses prefer nursing shoes made from rubber as they are very easy to clean, durable and lightweight. Some can even be put in a medic rinse as part of the washing machine cycle.
  2. Backless shoes may be appealing for some but these are unstable and therefore not recommended for nurses.The backless shoe only stays on your feet as long as the arch or your toes are strong enough to hold it while your foot is swinging. Clogs are a much better alternative because of the back support.
  3. Beware of buying “breathable” shoes as they are less likely to protect your socks and feet from accidental fluid spills.

Characteristics of a Good Nursing Shoes.

Although they may look similar, nursing shoes differ from regular shoes. Nursing shoes are made to meet the needs of nurses in their everyday duties in the hospital. The primary focus of these shoes is to ensure comfort without forsaking safety. Looks are generally last in the list of priorities. A good pair of nursing shoes should have the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight
    Nursing shoes should be light so they will not be a burden to wear during busy and extended shifts. The mark of a good pair of nursing shoes is that you are never aware that you are wearing them. Lightweight shoes will also aid in preventing health problems associated with stress and fatigue from work like low back pain and muscle cramps.
  • Easy to clean
    As a nurse, you don’t have the luxury of cleaning your nursing shoes thoroughly every day. You are also vulnerable to accidental spills of blood and other body fluids. These are the reasons why a good nursing shoe should be easy to clean with just a wipe of a damp cloth.
  • Durable
    Because being a nurse involves a lot of footwork, it is important to purchase a tough and durable pair of shoes. A pair of shoes will only last for several months if it is not tough enough to survive clinical duties.
  • Non-skid
    You will encounter a lot of spillages on the hospital floor and if you are not careful, you might slip accidentally while walking or running. For this reason, going for a non-skid shoe is always recommended to ensure safety.
  • Fits perfectly
    Nursing shoes that are too tight or too big will result in foot-arch pain, blisters, and pressure sores. Make sure your shoes fit perfectly to prevent these foot problems.
  • With arch support
    Be aware of the kind of arch you have. A stable arch support is now a necessity when buying a pair of shoes. It will support your foot arch and posture when walking or running. Some people have foot arches that are either too low or too high and using removable orthotic inserts is recommended for this problem.

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