One of the biggest difficulties of being a Nurse is the long stressful shifts often accompanied by a severe lack of sleep. if you do not look after yourself the stress and lack of sleep can catch up with you quickly and drive you into a depression state and that starts to spill over into your personal life. We hear stories of Nurses becoming anti-social and taking their stress out on their loved ones daily.

Possible Solution:

I have been using meditation and binaural music to help me relax and de-stress for a long time now and while it isn’t a guarantee that it would work for everybody I must say that I am convinced that, overall it has greatly benefited me and my health.

I can definitely tell the difference on the days that I didn’t meditate or spent a while listening to some Binaural Music(my Favorite). The main problem that I had is that I have always been streaming the Music straight from Youtube and, to be quite honest, it is a bit of a “Hit and Miss” scenario. Plenty of those Youtube sleep meditation and Binaural clips are not what they seem to be – probably made by some kid in his basement.

But recently I came across Synctuition (when a mate of mine got a job there) and started listening to their Binaural Audio Journeys and it is a clear winner. They have a team of Neuro Scientists that have been developing these Audio Journeys and the quality as well as the level of relaxation is remarkable!

They currently have a deal on where you can listen to the first three of their Audio Experiences for free so head on over and give it a try.

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Synctuition: 100% relaxation for 25 minutes

In today’s overworked and stressful world we have all heard the saying that “relaxation is good for you”. But good in what terms? In recent years, there have been several profound scientific studies showing conclusive and very specific benefits that a daily habit of relaxation can do for your health and work productivity.

Doctors and psychologists all agree that setting some time aside for yourself from your busy day is the key to health and happiness.

Can there be something more relaxing than sleep?

When we are constantly exposed to a lot of negative stuff coming our way, it is vital that we find the time to take a break where our mind can absorb and process everything that is going on around us. Many people believe that sleep is enough to relax the body and the mind but in reality, sleep is not enough. Scientists now understand that meditation offers many additional key benefits to sleep and that lack of meditation also brings on many negative effects just as you would expect from a lack of sleep. Meditation as a form of daily relaxation can build a strong mental barrier that protects your mind from stress – the main cause of illness in the body. The best part is that, unlike sleep, you don’t need 8 hours of meditation to get results. You get most of the benefits in just 25 minutes!

Millions of people around the world work on their spiritual growth through different physical and mental techniques – yoga and meditation being some of the most popular among them. However, all of these methods require instruction and specialized guidance to perform properly. Through advanced technology, Synctuition has turned meditative relaxation into an easy process that everybody can do at home without prior training. Just press Play to start a journey to an unforgettable and relaxing 3D meditation experience.

How does it work?

Synctuition works through stereo headphones* by playing one frequency in your left ear, and a slightly modified frequency in your right ear. This causes your brain to naturally create a third frequency, which exists only in your mind.

This third frequency is called a binaural beat, and it stimulates the left and the right side of your brain to work together in synchronization to reconcile the different frequencies you hear through the headphones. Binaural beats are the most relaxing audio experience you can imagine – the feeling can be described as a gentle massage for your brain.


Try Synctuition for Free! Click Here.