Nursing is anything but a glamorous profession and the perception is that there is no time to focus on your own healthy lifestyle when the focus is primarily on the care of others.

Lauren Drain, a 31-year-old fully-trained cardiac nurse and personal trainer from Florida, is living proof that nurses can be sexy and healthy too and she is an inspiration to others in her profession who wish to make a drastic lifestyle change.

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The blonde bombshell is vying for the title of ‘world’s hottest nurse’ and has amassed an astounding 3.6 million Instagram followers with her racy selfie posts. She insists that she had to work hard to achieve her fine form, and she is fighting the ‘fitness model’ myth.

Could you look like this too? Lauren Drain, 31, is a fully-trained cardiac nurse and personal trainer whose racy selfies have earned her a huge online following.

She began her career in healthcare at the age of 16 and has been a cardiac registered nurse for over eight years. Lauren has since worked in a number of roles throughout her career – including intensive care units as well acting as a charge nurse in operating theatres, and she regularly works grueling 13-hour days.

Lauren insists that she had to work hard to achieve her fine form, and she is fighting the ‘fitness model’ myth. She says that she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and is not ‘just a model.’ In a recent blog post, Lauren wrote:

‘I see girls on social media time and time again calling themselves fitness models, fit chicks, etc… when most of them were blessed at birth when they won the genetic lottery’. Her physical level of ‘wellness’ and form took grit, determination, and desire to change her life.

‘The booty and legs you see now are not genetic blessings or surgical projects, they’re the product of hard work,’ she says proudly.

Lauren Drain: Before and after. 

After years of helping patients in hospitals, Lauren realized the detrimental effects her erratic lifestyle was having on her wellbeing. She felt overworked, stressed out, overweight, fatigued, and extremely unhappy so she decided to take control of her life and get her priorities right. She also decided that she could use her new approach to help those she treated to follow her example and change their lives too.

‘I wanted to change my life for the better, and I wanted to help others before they lost control of their health too,’ she said. ‘I wanted to be a healthy, fit, strong, confident woman, actively preventing disease instead of treating everything with pills and medication.’

Sexy? Most definitely! But healthy and fit? An absolute priority! The fitness extraordinaire has a strong passion for health, wellness and quality of life and she has used every opportunity to help promote those values to her patients and clients – championing her belief that an active lifestyle is a key to long-lasting health.

The stunning fitness guru doing it her way.

Lauren said: ‘After eight years in professional healthcare, I have never seen a natural athlete stuck in a terrible health crisis. There’s a reason for that: fit, active lifestyles reduce the risk of disease and promote overall well-being.’

She not only wanted to change her life for the better, she wanted to help others before they lost control of their health too. Looking at her story and her journey back to health, her road to this lifestyle is one that most of us not only dream of but one which is accessible and achievable.

She is the epitome of brains AND beauty! Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a NASM-certified personal trainer in between working shifts at the hospital.

Lauren embarked on a paleo challenge, which involves eating a caveman style diet and produced motivating results. This inspired her to look at the competitive part of this way of life. After researching to find information, she took the plunge and signed up for her first bikini show in which she placed ninth out of 30 other competitors.

She hired a coach, entered more and more competitions, and finally got the top spot in an amateur show, earning her a ‘pro’ card and affording her the opportunity to compete for money in professional bodybuilding, fitness, and aesthetic shows.

Lauren now has her own fitness website where she helps others reach their true potential with her own personal blends of diet and exercise routines. She is an inspiration to others in this exacting profession. It can be done. Being fit and healthy in this profession is possible!

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‼️Please Read ‼️ FYI – I was not a natural born model. I used to wonder how other women could be so photogenic. It took years of practice, years of training/following healthy balanced diets and learning my angles and posing to feel confident in front of a lens. Confidence is not always something we are born with. Many things in life can tear away at our own confidence and strip away our self-worth. That's why it's so important to find skills and ways to build yourself back up. Find a passion or skill and hone in on it. Confidence cannot be faked. Some may mistake arrogance for confidence but true confident people have survived a great deal and exude gratefulness, compassion and hope to motivate others rather than demanding all of the spotlight. Be your own version of confident. And don't be afraid of the minor setbacks along the way. Seek Progress Not Perfection. And remember, real queens stand tall but fix each other's crowns vs compete for the throne 😏 ••• Lens: @michaeloliveri Glam: @jessicakeehus

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