Recently registered nurse, Megan Zimmerly,27, went for a run along the riverwalk ramp one afternoon when she spotted a woman in business clothes standing by the river. She was outside the railing high above the water about to jump.

“I could tell she was distraught.,” Zimmerly recalls after the incident.

She said she felt even more inclined to help, because of her nursing background and decided to approach the woman. Zimmerly tried to talk her out of jumping by establishing a report. For a while, it seemed to be working, as the woman climbed back over the railing but then she ran down to the rocks where she proceeded to plunge herself into the water.

Zimmerly then grabbed her cellphone, reported the jumper to the Sheriff’s Office and then went after the woman.

When the officer arrived at the scene, he threw a floating device towards the woman in the water but, when Zimmerly noticed that the woman was having trouble saving herself, she bravely took off her running shoes and went into the water, clothes and all, to help the woman to safety.

“I just figured I was better clothed, so I hopped in.” said Zimmerly. “… Police were there but couldn’t get to her, so I decided to swim to her. She was struggling and I told her to flip on her back and float. But she was still struggling, so I grabbed her.”

Reportedly, the current wasn’t very bad and the water was quite shallow.

As two men jumped in to help them, Zimmerly grabbed the nearby floating wooden board that someone threw in and pulled the woman towards it. They then pulled the woman to solid ground where firefighters and police were waiting.

The unidentified woman, known as “Jane Doe”, is being treated in hospital. Her condition is currently unknown.

After the incident, Megan, who only received her registered nurse certificate weeks ago from Jacksonville University said that she doesn’t think that her actions were that heroic.

“I grew up on the river, and now that I am a nurse I don’t think it was a big deal. But I was happy to help.”

Firefighters at the scene told Megan that they will nominate her for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Division’s civilian life-saving award of merit.

Here is the video that was taken after her rescue. She was treated in a rescue unit before being transported to the hospital.

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