Wow! My instinctive reaction is that this is so very, very wrong! I get that, as a Nurse, there is a certain expectation that you would step up during times of need and put the needs of others before yours but this doesn’t make any sense.

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Ami Honea worked as a nurse at the Lake County Jail, a place that can’t just lock up and close during a hurricane. But she’s a single mom to a 17-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son and has no family in Florida, so when Hurricane Irma was approaching she decided to evacuate her kids to Atlanta. “They would’ve been left here in this house, by themselves, in the storm, with the winds the way it was, with trees knocked down, power lines snapping,” she said. A reasonable thing to do if you ask me…

According to Ami, her employer, Lake County Jail made room for children whose parents were working during Hurricane Harvey last year. However this year, during Hurricane Irma, it wasn’t an option, leaving Amy with little choice but to evacuate her children to Atlanta for their safety(a 22-hour drive). Amy says that she did tell her boss that she feels like she has no other option but to take her kids to safety but he said nothing at the time about her getting fired.

However, when she came back after Hurricane Irma passed through she was informed that she was terminated and with Florida being a “right to work” state the termination is legal. Asked if she would do the same again if she could go back her answer was “Yes, yes, a hundred times over. My kids are much more important than any job”. I am pretty sure that is the answer any mother would give.

In the interview with Channel 9 below Ami Honey talks about her dismissal:

When asked for comment by channel 9 reporter, Lauren Seabrook, authorities at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said that they don’t have anything to do with it as Amy was employed by a private contractor Armor Correctional Services. Armor Correctional Services just referred Lauren to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office so there are no real answers yet.

While I understand that it is “All Hands on Deck” during natural disasters and that there was a shortage of Nurses in Florida during Hurricane Irma there should surely be an allowance for extenuating circumstances in cases like these. At the very least employers should help single parents make arrangements for the safety of their kids if they are required to work….

Ami is now on a mission to get lawmakers to change the laws and allow some leniency during natural disasters.

What is your Opinion on this situation? Was it Ami’s Duty to stay and help or do you agree that her kids should come first? Let us know in the comments.

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