I am sure all Nurses have horror stories about what happened to them while on duty, but occasionally you come across one that might not seem so serious but it just makes you cringe anyway!

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This story from Reddit User “Pm_me_baby_pig_pics” is one of those. Here’s her Story:

Oh man, I have a story for you. I’ve shared it on here before, but no post has been more appropriate than now.

So. I’m in the ICU, doing my nursing thing, I take a lunch, apply a fresh coat of lip gloss cuz I’m really trying to wow this cute boy at work. Anyway, I come back from lunch with my lips fully glossed and looking great, when my pod mate pops out of her room and says “hey, I’m about to do a bath, wanna help?” And I’m all about team baths, so in I go. This patient of hers had a ton of flaky skin. It was all in the bed, so I tried to ignore it as we do most things that ick us out. We’re doing this chg bath, killing all the MRSA with our wipes, saving lives when my friend is ready to change the sheets. So we do the roll, and upon getting the sheets out from under him, for some reason instead of simply balling them up for the hamper, she flips them up in the air like she’s trying to fan some very flaky flames.

Giant Snowglobe in Paris

The skin flakes were like a damn snow globe in the room. It was literally snowing skin. And guess what skin sticks to really really wellLip gloss. I lost all composure I had. I haven’t worn gloss since.

It should be noted, I ended up married to this boy I was trying to impress with my flake caked lips. So there’s that I guess

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