There has been an outcry on Reddit about a Nurse that posted an image of himself holding a can of Coke on Instagram next to the bed of an elderly patient. The problem isn’t so much with the picture but with what he allegedly wrote in the Caption:

This man died with a @cocacola next to his bed. This was days before he passed. His wife asked me to advocate for him. You see, what they don’t tell you is that excess sugar is in our infant formula. It’s in everything. They have us from birth to death. I’ve seen more people die with a Coca Cola at their bedside than a bible. Why is it in hospitals? Essentially sugar has become God. King. 80% of what we are dying from, is completely reversible. They just treat it. We can end it. #crossfit  #crossfitenoch #weendchronicdisease #getfitdiehard #obesity #cocacolakills #type2diabetes #chronicdisease@crossfit

The Instagram Post in the image below was taken from the @CrossFit Instagram account and it indicates that it was first posted by @crossfitenoch. The Crazy Thing is that from the looks of it this Nurse co-owns a CrossFit Gym in Conroe, Texas called CrossFit Enoch. So if he posted this on his businesses Instagram account, was he just trying to warn people of the dangers of Sugar or was he trying to promote his business? The original post isn’t on the CrossFit Enoch Instagram account anymore so we can’t be sure what it said exactly…


We have covered the patients Face for Obvious reasons – On Jasons Post it is not covered.

The question you have to ask yourself is whether this is OK? A lot of  Nurses think that this is very, very wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the Reddit comments below and Let us know what you think because we have to talk about this.

  • Honestly, my thoughts are because he plans on gaining from it financially by getting others to join his gym. I’m health conscious and I lift weights and all that, but I don’t go overboard and shove my lifestyle down people’s throats. I see this sometimes and usually a financial motive is behind it.
  • Let a dying man have his damn coke and STFU about CrossFit
  • HIPAA much? That man has some guts posting a picture like that. With the wife’s permission or not, it isn’t a good look. Some HIPAA can be such a grey area and too much is left up to interpretation for me to even consider posting something like this. If HIPAA doesn’t come crashing down the hospital probably will. What a disgusting thing all around.
  • Unprofessional immoral & unethical as hell, if not illegal.
  • Right: “Today I had a patient die with a full sugar soda next to his bed….” Wrong: Look at me having no respect for patient privacy or the dead, posting a picture of a deceased patient and his can of full sugar soda…. Next week I’m gonna post about how outraged I am to get fired over this Also, I’d like to see a source on his assertion that there are added sugars in infant formula?
  • oh please tell us what happens with this dude. there’s no way its nothing
  • This is one of the most tasteless and shameless examples of self-promotion I have ever seen. Fuck. There’s a special place in hell for people like this
  • If this picture has 19,000 likes, his hospital is already well aware. I just hope he isn’t a Nurse. This is shameful.

I haven’t actually found one Nurse so far that agrees with what seems to be happening here (that he is using his patient to promote himself and his cause). The obvious problem is that it is totally unethical to use a dying or dead patient to promote yourself for personal gain.

But this is not the only questionable Social Media Post Jason Cooper aka The Nurse Advocate aka CrossFit Enoch has made. In an Instagram Video he recently posted the narrative is as follows:

  • Narrator: “This is a story about a man who has watched his patients suffer”
  • Jason: ” One day, you are gonna die and the American Medical System is set up to profit off of your suffering and your demise”
  • Narrator: “He’s watched his wife suffer”
  • Jason: “it was just this debilitating, unquenchable pain”
  • Jasons Wife: ” When I birthed my children it was easy because it feels exactly like childbirth”
  • Jason: “Carol was pretty suicidal”
  • Narrator: ” And as a result, he has suffered”
  • Jason: ” I’ve had the thought at night, right here on this floor. Begging God – Dude, what is going on? How do I overcome this? I can see why people run.”
  • Narrator: “And Now he is fighting back the only way he knows how”
  • Jason: “I’ve a saying, I’ve used this saying a lot and this saying is Get Fit, Die hard because that is all that we have”
  • Narrator: ” This is the story of Jason Cooper – The Nurse Advocate”

What are your thoughts on that? I am not exactly sure where he is going with that narrative but the way the video is presented and the background music must mean it is Totally important! (Sarcasm).

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