We all agree that Detective Jeff Payne was way out of line when he arrested Nurse Alex Wubbels for refusing to draw blood from an unconscious victim of an accident. And we are all rightfully enraged about his actions but the thing that I have been wondering is why? Why would a cop and for that matter, not just any cop, a trained phlebotomist in the police blood draw unit act like that?

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I am sure there is plenty of speculation about and I haven’t heard any explanation from either Detective Payne or the Utah PD as to why he wanted the blood so bad. Plenty of apologies and promises on how it wouldn’t happen again but no reason why.

I found this Twitter feed from Owen Barcala that puts forward a pretty feasible explanation as far as I am concerned. What do you think – Why did he do it?

“Turns out the patient was the victim of a head on car crash, instigated by a high speed police pursuit against department policy. The other driver–the suspect–died in the crash. So why did the cop want the victim’s blood? To find something to disparage the victim and excuse the police from instigating the deadly car chase. This is not really uncommon, relatively speaking. Other cop on video saying no probable cause. It’s not that they didn’t want to go to effort of getting a warrant, they knew no judge would sign one. Also, the Supreme Court decision holding it unconstitutional to draw blood w/o consent or warrant came down last year. The cop is a trained phlebotomist in the police blood draw unit. There is *no way* he was unaware of a SCOTUS case that directly controlled his work. So this is incredible in that its actually worse than the video shows–it’s criminal abuse of power in at least three ways Oh, and dept reviewed video w/in 12 hrs, did nothing til it went viral. If you think he’s just a rogue cop, you’re not paying attention. Turns out, victim was off duty Idaho cop. Nurse Wubbels was arrested for protecting an unconscious officer from abuse by another officer.”

Although Owen’s explanation makes sense as to why Detective Payne wanted the blood drawn, it still doesn’t come close to explaining the rest of his actions. There are a few possible scenarios that can explain why things got so out of hand:

  • Scenario 1: Detective Payne was truly under the impression that he was right and that Nurse Wubbels misunderstood the law. In that case, she was obstructing Justice in his eyes and he had the right to arrest her. Nurse Wubbels ran and the whole thing escalated. As a trained phlebotomist in the police blood draw unit, however, this is fairly unlikely. Although, his superior on the phone did agree with him. So could it be that they both interpreted the law wrong and Nurse Wubbels and her Superior had it right?
  • Scenario 2: (According to Owen above) The Utah Police department was so afraid of a lawsuit by this innocent driver that they were willing to break the law to try and obtain some evidence that could persuade him not to sue. Both Detective Payne and his Superior insisted that Nurse Wubbels draw blood illegally under threat of arrest, knowing that they are completely in the wrong. If this is the case they were either really stupid or they honestly thought that they could get away with it. Either way, they decided to go with the bluff and when Nurse Wubbels stood her ground, Detective Payne didn’t know where to draw the line. Now they have two possible lawsuits on the horizon.
  • Scenario 3: Both Cops were just A-Holes that has no regard for the law and believes they can do as they please…

Which Scenario do you think is the most Plausible? Or do you think there are other Plausible Scenarios that I have missed? Please let me know in the comments.

In the first part of the video below Philip DeFranco gives us his take on the story and shows a bunch of other footage from Body Cams on the day of the incident.

This situation needs to be discussed because we need to get to the bottom of this behaviour to fix it.

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