In an interview with CNN, Alex Wubbels, the Utah University Nurse that got manhandled and arrested by Utah Police Officer Jeff Payne says that she feels betrayed by the University Police and Security.

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After an initial confrontation with Detective Payne, Alex went down into the emergency department and called hospital security because she felt threatened by the actions of Detective Payne. She believed that she would be safer dealing with the situation in the presence of hospital security. Unfortunately, that didn’t help at all. When asked how Hospital security responded to her call for help Alex said:

“By just standing there looking at their phones telling me that they couldn’t protect me”

Alex also stated that she waited for more than a month to release the footage because she needed to afford herself some time to feel OK and be able to talk pragmatically about the situation without the emotion. She basically held on to the body cam footage until she was together enough to talk about it.

Alex goes on to say that at an initial a meeting with the deputy chief of Salt Lake City Police department where he apologised to her personally they also spoke about how to prevent this kind of thing from happening again. The University Police and University Security, on the other hand, refused to apologize and continued to defend their officers.

Watch the video below for the full CNN Interview:

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