New Mom, Mariah Kaitlyn Herrera dreaded getting on a scale because seeing her weight just wore away her self-confidence and self-love. Let’s face it, a scale is very few people’s friend and especially new moms generally dread the idea of weighing themselves.

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According to Herrera, her 9-month pregnancy and 5-month weight loss journey since giving birth has been anything but easy.

“I had a terrible pregnancy, a complicated delivery and a 100-plus pound weight gain. I ate everything in sight when I was pregnant and it completely altered everything in my body,” Herrera told TODAY. “Taking my weight has always been my least favorite part about going to the doctor but since having a baby that feeling has just gotten 10 times worse,” Herrera explained.

Since her March 28 delivery, Herrera’s doctor prescribed anti-anxiety medication for her postpartum condition. But when Herrera visited her doctor last week for a check-up, the unexpected nurse’s note completely changed her perspective.

“I walked out of the office feeling confident. I felt like a completely different person,” said the new mom. “It made me feel like the number doesn’t mean anything. It changed the way I was thinking.”

The note that changed Herrea’s outlook so drastically was posted on a sticky note by a general care nurse at Herrera’s doctor’s office in Eugene, Oregon and it read:

“This scale will only tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull. It will not tell you how beautiful you are, how much your friends and family love you, or how amazing you are!!”

The words touched Herrera so deeply she posted it to her Instagram Account to share with the world how such a small gesture can make such a big difference in somebody’s life.

The Charnelton Community Clinic nurse declined to be named. For her, the gesture seemed so obvious and insignificant that she didn’t want recognition….

This is a really Awesome, heartwarming story and I thank Herrera for sharing it with the world. I personally believe that we owe it to our Nurses that touch millions of people’s lives every day through what they do, whether it is small little gestures like this or big things saving lives, to be recognised for all the awesome and Amazing work they do. We should rather start filling the news platforms with positive experiences like that rather than all the negativity that seems to be floating around social media these days.

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