After a widespread outcry over the arrest of a Salt Lake City Nurse by Salt Lake City Police detective Jeff Payne for refusing to draw blood illegally, the Salt Lake City Police Department reported late on Friday night that two employees have been put on administrative leave pending an investigation.

The first employee suspended is obviously Detective Jeff Payne but we have no news yet as to the second employee suspended.

The video of the arrest and assault can be seen at the bottom of this article.

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After the news about this ridiculous incident first broke there has been a huge outcry by nurses and people all around the country. This prompted DA Sim Gill to state that he is requesting a criminal investigation after receiving the numerous complaints about the issue.

“In fairness to all those involved I have requested a criminal investigation into the incident so that the District Attorneys office could screen the matter after gathering all the facts,” Gill stated. “Our office had not received any materials on the matter thus far and in the interest of justice and given the prima facie evidence a criminal investigation is warranted.”

Gill said that both Mayor Jackie Biskupski and Chief of Police Mike Brown have agreed such an investigation is appropriate.

“I thank them for their commitment to transparency and institutional accountability,” Gill states. “Injustice against one is an injustice against all. Everyone deserves a fair process and institutional accountability is our collective responsibility.”

Here are just some of the comments on the issue from our followers:

  • I have lots of family in law enforcement and have always backed the police, but this is a case where the officer is blatantly wrong, acting unlawfully and making a false arrest. His kind is why there is so much strife against police right now. The police must police their own to stop this insanity. The nurse was doing her job, under Utah State Law and hospital policy and the officer was violating both in this case. The patient was not under arrest nor were they issued a warrant for the blood draw, therefore, it would have been assault and battery to the patient and probably a 4th amendment violation. the cop then violated the nurses rights because he was angry. She was protecting her patient, as a good nurse does.
  • This is an absolute abuse of power. I don’t care if the officer was trying to obtain consent to draw the blood or the actual blood. The excuses here are zero. He chased a nurse who was much smaller in size than him, who was also just doing her job and screaming for help. Then, he aggressively put her in handcuffs with NO explanation. As far as I’m concerned, any of you standing up for the police officer should be ashamed. There are no questions here and I hope she presses charges and sues. This man should not have a badge.
  • There’s no excuse. She was doing her job protecting the patient. The officer went to far in arresting her. If he had a warrant and she refused to draw it, that would be a different story but they didn’t have one. They went too far.
  • After reading and watching the video, it leaves a VERY bad taste in my mouth. I’ve been working in the ER for more than 20yrs and traditionally have had nothing but positive interactions with police. But this is so wrong! If he needed results that bad they can be subpoenaed! As for implied consent, it only applies to emergent/ life saving treatment. This detective makes officers look bad so many different ways!! Suspend him w/o pay, merely re-educating won’t help when’s he’s hell bent on bullying a nurse doing the right thing and using a policy agreed upon by his dept!!

Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced that as a result of the criminal investigation being launched by the Salt Lake County District Attorney, Detective Jeff Payne will be placed on full administrative leave with pay.

“This is an ever evolving situation, and we will do what is necessary to fully investigate the issue, uphold the integrity of the Salt Lake City Police Department, and strengthen the trust with our community,” said Chief Mike Brown

Biskupski said: “We cannot allow an incident like this divide our community or taint the good work of SLCPD. When I learned of this unacceptable incident last night, I was outraged and will ensure it is fully and independently investigated so our community can heal.”

The Salt Lake Police Association is representing the involved officers.

“The Salt Lake Police Association is representing the involved officers during the internal investigation to ensure their rights are protected and that the investigation is fair,” the Association stated in an email to Fox 13. “We will not be commenting further at this time.”

Let us see if law and justice will prevail in this case.

Let us know in the comments what you think should happen!


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