After watching the exclusive interview Alex Wubbels had with KUTV, I have to say she is really a very nice person. Very few people would have accepted what she endured with such grace and poise.

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In the video below we hear Alex Wubbels say things like:

  • She had personal apologies from the chief of Police and the Mayor and that she accepted the apologies and that she is grateful for them.
  • “We have to give each other the benefit of the doubt, we have to be civil to one another”
  • “We need to communicate better with each other and we need to be more respectful of each other”
  • “I’m not calling for anything, I’m trying to do my job and I am trying to participate in civil discourse and re-educate” -On a question whether she is calling for the resignation of the cop that arrested her.

She did, however, say that a lawsuit never was and still is not completely off the table. She is giving everyone involved the opportunity to do what is right and if they don’t then she will pressure them in other ways. Presumably with a lawsuit.

Alex says that the footage of her arrest was released to help and support other nurses that might have been or one day be in the same situation that she found herself in. What she really wants to achieve is to get people talking about the problem and to help educate not only Nurses but also police on the rules. She really just wants people to treat each other with the respect they deserve.

Maybe more of us should follow her example and start being civil about this incident. The actions of the Police detective was 100% completely and utterly wrong but who knows what he had to endure that day. And is it the correct course of action to start hating the whole police force for the actions of one man? Maybe we should all just calm down a bit and remember that for every bad apple there are plenty of really good and honest cops out there.

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