I think we have established that being a nurse, male or female is a rather challenging line of work.  However, in my opinion, it must be annoyingly harder being a male nurse! I mean, you have to wake up every day and hope to hear at least four belittling comments. However, these stupid comments have become somewhat of a joke now.

Most male nurses actually look forward to the next, ignorant phrase that’ll be thrown at them. If they don’t hear one, I’ve heard they actually feel bored without the entertainment.  Imagine it. I can. Their shifts must be pretty long and tedious without having a laugh with their fellow male nurses at the stupidity of the peanut gallery’s commentary.

Without the entertainment, their motivation would be at an all time loss.

So come on guys! Don’t allow this to happen and carry on using one or two (Yes, two!) of the following phrases every time you encounter a nurse, who just happens to be male.

  • “Why didn’t you just become a doctor?”
  • “Are you gay? Surely, most male nurses must be gay!”
  • “Are you a murse?”
  • “How can you stand working all day with emotional females that don’t shut up?”
  • “I don’t mind my doctor being male. However, I am not okay with him as my nurse. Please find a female for me!”
  • “Hey! You’re just like that guy from ‘Meet the Fockers.’”
  • “Did you know there is a male nurse action figure?”
  • “Please find a female nurse to clean my butt. I really don’t feel comfortable with a man doing it.”
  • “Are you a janitor? My trash needs to be taken out.”
  • “Wait, they allow male nurses to work on labor delivery? Really!”
  • “Lifting help needed in room 6!”

There you have it! Now, don’t be selfish and let them get bored. Take your pick.

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