Come on ladies! You all work your bums off daily with long shifts and demanding patients. So, you deserve to look and feel beautiful whilst doing it.

Even when your shifts get insanely busy, it’s vital that you appear well-groomed and presentable. And not only will it make you look gorgeous, but you’ll actually feel 100 times more confident during uneasy situations or interactions.

Here are a few of the best tips about makeup that every single female nurse must know!

  • Less Is ALWAYS More

The most important thing to remember is to apply your makeup lightly and gently. You don’t want to look like a Barbie doll during your working hours. Being a nurse is an honorable position and you need to be taken seriously. (You’re going to the hospital, not the night club.)

Subtlety is key. Add gentle shades of color like peach, pink, gold or copper. It must look natural because heavily applied makeup is inappropriate for a work environment. There are even brands that specialize in natural looking makeup. Next time you’re browsing, read the labels.

  • Get Yourself Some GOOD Brushes

Not only does a decent makeup brush make applying foundation or powder a whole lot easier, it’s also faster.  Plus, quality brushes help evenly blend the foundation with your skin tone. The bristles on the brush also buffer the foundation against your skin making it last longer.

Stick to using upward strokes during the application. This reduces the likelihood of developing sagging fine lines over time. Lastly, apply thicker layers of foundation to the parts of your skin that are uneven or patchy.

  • Opt For Neutral Hues

Here’s the trick. You want to aim for eyes that glow, without the color being so vivid that people actually notice you’re wearing makeup.  Like I mentioned previously, stick to your neutrals and earthy tones.

I recommend nude, soft orange, pale beige, vanilla or champagne colors for dark eyelids. If you’re like me and you have fair or light eyelids, stick to deep beige, peach or pale brown hues. You can always add a touch of golden shimmer over the eye shadow for a little bit of glow.

  • Make Your Eyes Pop With Eyeliner And Mascara

Remember that less is more. Apply a fine line of eyeliner to your eyelids for more definition. Then apply a layer or two of waterproof mascara to your lashes to really make them POP!

HINT: As nurses, we often lack sleep. To make your eyes appear wider, apply eyeliner to the outline base of your lashes and not the inner part of your eyes. Dark brown shades are great for this, because they make the effect softer and more natural.

I recommend waterproof mascara because they last longer and the application is a lot thicker. So be sure to apply it lightly!

Don’t Forget Your Blush Miss!

Do not skip the blush stage just because you’re in a rush or because it keeps fading and you’re forced to reapply it. It’s a crucial step in the process. Your blush is what keeps you looking awake and radiant.

Us fair ladies should preferably opt for a soft rosy hue or even soft peachy or golden hues. But, if you have a lovely dark complexion, a brown-berry shade is your new best friend.

It might be annoying to reapply blush during your shifts or in your bathroom breaks. However, it’s worth the effort and will keep you looking bright and sharp throughout!

  • Make Your Lips Stay Colorful

A common mistake most ladies make is using a tinted lip balm and not a matte lipstick. Trust me; you’ll thank me for this! Matte lasts longer and limits the reapplying process.

I know, the stores just never seem to have your color!

Try this. Simply hold a tissue over your lips once you’ve applied lipstick. You then apply powder over the tissue. This quick and easy trick will create the same long-lasting effect of matte lipsticks.

So there you have my fellow nurses. Quick, simple and guaranteed to look and feel absolutely stunning!

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