Dr. Richard Adams, Bupa UK’s Chief Nurse says that the rest of the world needs to understand the importance of our caregivers and take the time to celebrate them.

So, although we do have International Nurse Day, Dr. Adams still feels that there needs to be more of an appreciation for our nurses on a general basis. According to Evening Standard.com being a nurse is not just a job; it’s a deep passion and privilege. Having the ability to take care of people when they are most vulnerable is an incredibly enlightening experience.


In my opinion you have to be one special cookie to take on a career like this. Here are a few qualities that an individual needs to have to be a top-notch nurse, worldwide:

  • Compassion

Dr. Adams says you have to be able to show empathy to other people. You need to understand what’s happening in their lives and how they’re feeling about it. The job certainly isn’t purely about stitching wounds or taking blood. It’s highly emotional and you need to be able to provide support to both the patients and their loved ones. To have compassion for others means having the ability to understand people from many walks of life.

  • Flexibility

Are you someone who can cope with change? If you answered no, then being a nurse is certainly not for you. There literally isn’t even two days that are the same. Dr. Adams says “one day you may be dealing with a broken limb and the next you’re helping someone come to terms with a cancer diagnosis.” Therefore, you must be flexible, adaptable and develop both clinical and emotional skills. So basically, be good at multitasking. Whilst juggling your daily tasks, you still need to find the time to care for your patients.

  • Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Whilst trying to bring your patients up emotionally, you too may take a bit of a knock. It can be a rewarding job, but might drain you both physically and emotionally as well. Dr. Adams says “sometimes, you just need to have a laugh and our nurses are experts at making each other smile, as well as those they care for. Their sense of humor seems to band them together, mainly because they’re laughing at medical things that other people may find a bit strange.”

  • A Caregiver 24/7

As a nurse you work long hours, sometimes all through the night and other times the day. It’s quite demanding and pretty exhausting. But, if you’re able to invest energy into providing care and support throughout all your shifts, no matter how tired you are then you’re the perfect fit.  Dr. Adams says “all our Residents require support 24 hours a day and the team works hard to make sure they get exactly what they need.”

  • Professionalism

Remember that between you and your patient, a huge amount of trust needs to be established. This is the basis of your relationships. Therefore you must have a high level of technical and clinical knowledge of multiple conditions, injuries and illnesses.  And at the same time have compassion towards your patients and their loved ones.

Wow! Now, that you know all of this. It makes you really think just how amazing our nurses are. So, take a minute out of your day just to think of our caregivers and celebrate their heroic acts.

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