Yeah, right! How is a nurse who works mostly 24/7 in their baggy old scrubs supposed to look even remotely trendy?

Well, you’d be surprised as to how fashionable and flattering scrubs are becoming, whilst still being comfortable and practical. Check out how amazingly stylish nurses are going to look.

  • The Tailored Fit Is A Much Better Fashion Statement!

Let me guess. You’re thinking boxy, baggy and bland. Guess again. Because brand’s like the new Essence V-Neck Scrub Top and Essence Mock Wrap Scrub Top for women are beautifully designed to have a feminine fit with princess seam detailing on the front and back. You can even choose between a pretty v-neck or mock wrap in the front. The choice is yours – that is the best part. These scrubs come in all sizes and are spreading amongst nurse’s fashion like wildfire!

  • Comfort Is The New Stylish.

Whether you’re wearing female, male or unisex scrubs – innovations in textile technology are seriously dominating the look, feel and fit. You can expect to find fabrics that are soft which allow for durability and comfort. Examples of this are these incredible Essence Warm-Up Jacket’s, tops and pants made from twill fabric that’s 78% polyester, 20% rayon and 2% spandex. This powerful fibre blend ensures durability, fast drying and wrinkle resistance. It is also non-shrinking, breathable, lightweight and easy care.  Basically, this fabric works as hard as you do and always drapes the body perfectly, making you look fantastic!

  • More Pockets, Colors and Efficiency.

No more sterile blues, whites, greys or icky green scrubs. Unless of course you’re restricted to a certain color code. 2017 has a whole rainbow of colors for you to customize your nurse outfits. It’s trending right now to wear hot pink, shades of blue and grey, teal, wine, basic black and more. Adding color to your wardrobe will literally lift your mood and those around you. Try it!

All nurses know that in the medical industry every second counts. Therefore, smart scrub designs are trending this year to make your job easier and more efficient. Designed with deep pockets, stitched at an angle on your scrubs, you can keep supplies and equipment on you at all times. Things like keys, phones, tape, alcohol prep pads and more. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Lastly, Wear Whatever You Want!

Ensure that whatever you choose to wear makes you feel happy, confident and comfortable at work. The biggest trend in scrubs is that out of all these options, you can look stylish without breaking the bank or dress code rules. The days of boring and boxy uniforms are finally dead!

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