One of the most common problems that we all experience in our daily lives is high levels of stress. And, sometimes it gets so bad that we don’t actually know what to do with ourselves! Studies have reported 75% of Americans are over stressed to be exact.Well, technology has done it again.

Well, technology has done it again. These vibrating wearable’s claim to help keep you focused, through stimulating vibrations which ultimately diffuse your stress. The lifesavers are innovations made by TouchPoint Solutions and are non-invasive neuro-scientific wristbands. They use (BLAST) Bilateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile technology, which has been used in multiple studies to treat stress disorders. Oh, and these beauties apparently get rid of your stress in just 30 seconds!

How Do They Work? reports that the “stimulation prompts the brain to reassign its response to stress from an impulsive ‘fight or flight’ reaction to a logical, rational reasoning.” They literally act as your personal nurse and can even help patients cope with conditions like Parkinson’s, Autism, and ADHD along with insomnia. Feeling angry, sleepy, distracted, dissatisfied and stressed? Then watch this clip. These little gadgets will save your life!

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