Being a nurse, especially a new one, can be super stressful. We’re practically jumping from one task to another and need to somehow get them all done at once. Having the staying power, in the beginning, can be a tricky one to master. However, it’s in our nature to ride the “wave.” We’re survivors and any experienced nurse will vouch for that.

Basically, it’s sink or swim. It’s that feeling you get every time you start something new when you face a new challenge or change to a new job. To be honest, this uncomfortable feeling never goes away. At the end of the day, we’ve all got to master how to cope in our own way, at our own pace. However, these are two really helpful survival tips that might keep you level-headed and positive!

1) Do Not Rush – Take Your Time!

Naturally, we tend to try and conquer every task at once. In doing so, we try and complete them as quickly as possible to be efficient. What better way to get through that pile of responsibilities
than to pick up the pace, right? Think again! You need to slow down. It seems bizarre, but if you race through everything you’ll just create more problems for yourself. says hurrying will make you miss the little details. Remember, it’s the details that count and impact on the safety of your patients.

2) Learn To Anticipate.

The concept of planning ahead or thinking ahead is vital to succeed as a nurse. Most of us only grasp it or realize its importance years down the line. Walking in and out of the patient’s room a thousand times is highly unproductive and wastes a lot of time. Remember to cluster your care! If you need to, do as many tasks as you can in one trip. For example, change the linen, bring the supplies and check the patient’s vitals all at once. You’d be astounded at how much time you’ll save.

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