The video clip at the bottom of this article might be an old video with interviews of Hospice Nurses where they talk about the Deathbed Visions some of their charges had, but I can tell you that it still sent shivers down my spine.

This topic is a hotly debated topic between different religions and atheists and to be quite frank, I doubt anyone would ever be able to prove the existence of an afterlife or spiritual beings – we all have to choose what we believe and believe that we are right. We will only really find out when it is too late to tell anyone else. Many scientists believe that these visions are just old memories popping up or that it is created by the random firing of synapses in our brains when we die – almost the same as dreams.

I personally believe that there is more to it – that we do not just die and rot and that is the end of it. I believeĀ that there are spiritual beings out there that operate on other plains of existence that we as humans can not yet comprehend.

Regardless of that – In the video below, we see some interviews with Hospice Nurses where they relate stories of what happened to them while they were caring for the dying. Has anything like this ever happened to you? Did you have patients that shared their visions with you? Let us know in the comments below, please.

Before we get to the video though – I just want to share one of the comments about Hospice Nurses on this video that really resonated with me:

THESE people are the REAL heroes. In this crazy, messed up world the media holds narcissistic freaks of nature like Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner as heroes, football players and other BS. People who serve humanity like these angels are absolutely gifts from the spirit to help us here.

And Another one about Hospice Nurses:

I have nothing but the utmost respect & deep admiration for the incredible empathy that hospice nurses, doctors, social workers, etc show not only the patient, but the family as well. My grandmother, dying of cancer, saw my dead grandfather about 3 days before she passed. He came to take her. She called his name & she was gone.

There are also thousands of other comments with people relating stories of the visions their loved ones had in their last moments – So many that it is quite hard to just discount it…

Here are some of the other stories in the comments:

My Mom just passed away few months ago at the age of 88. She had become too weak to walk and was confined to a bed. She told me she kept seeing tall men dressed in white standing to her right. she asked me if I saw them too. She said she wasn’t scared, they didn’t talk to her, but gave her comfort so she didn’t feel alone.

Another One:

When one of my maternal aunts died, she was brought back to life by doctors and she nearly tore their heads off. She was dying anyway and she told us what she saw. She said she found herself completely free of the cumbersome body, she was in a beautiful garden with colors that seemed alive. She was at total peace and joy. Then she felt a sudden pull and when she looked around, she realized she was back in her dying body.I don’t fear death, I want to go Home. I only fear how I am going to die. Will it be prolonged? Will it be painful?

Let us know in the comments if You have ever experienced anything like this.

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