Imagine this. You walk into the doctor’s rooms and sitting in front of you is…well, a robot. Basically, a computer, disguised as a human that uses programmed algorithms to ask you questions according to your replies. This artificial human-like robot then takes your blood and passes the sample onto another robot, which computes real-time nurse schedules, bed availability or results. Oh and guess what, it talks too. It says “come with me!”

Yes, I agree. It sounds like some really freaky, far-fetched sci-fi movie. However, it’s a reality that is quickly approaching us. Mixed emotions, right? Luckily, these robots won’t

Luckily, these robots won’t replace human nurses entirely, but they will be there to assist and alleviate our future nursing shortages. Canadian Nurse reports that next-level computer systems are already transforming manufacturing, financial and retailing industries. Therefore, nurses definitely won’t be exempt from this robotic revolution.

On a positive note, robots don’t tire like their human counterparts. So, they would have the stamina to endure hours of surgery with superior precision. Dr De Momi, of the

Dr De Momi, of the Politecnico di Milano (Italy), says as a roboticist, she’s convinced that robots will definitely change the work market. However, they won’t steal job opportunities. They will just allow us to decrease workload and achieve better performances in several tasks, from medicine to industrial applications.

What do you think? Check out the Robotic Nurse in the Video Below: the robotic revolution below.

Check out the Robotic Nurse in the Video Below:

And here’s another video showing some of the latest Robotic advances:

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