Apparently, a housefly laid some eggs in this mans ear while he was sleeping and the larvae that hatched from the eggs decided to just stay on in his ear!

How Gross is this?

In the video below, the medical professional is picking them out with tweezers one by one. He first suffocates the larvae so that they start crawling to the outside to get air and then pick them out one by one.

The condition is called Aural Myiasis.

Myiasis is a common infestation among mammals. In humans, it is seen more in rural areas where people are in more direct contact with animals. The disease occurs when the female fly lays eggs, which shortly will cause clinical manifestations that are related to the body site involved. In the field of otolaryngology, it may affect the ears, nose and paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx, oral cavity, and skin of the head and neck region. Risk factors for myiasis in humans are chronic suppurative otitis media, low socioeconomic status, swimming in stagnant water, and diabetes mellitus. Other possible predisposing factors include neglected children, old age, mental retardation, and poor personal hygiene.

Watch the Video Below: