Earlier this week Australian Teenager, Sam Kanizay, decided to soak his feet in the water off Dendy Street Beach in Brighton, after a soccer match. when he emerged from the water after about 30 minutes he noticed that his ankles were bleeding profusely and the bleeding didn’t seem to stop. not clotting was taking place.

After Failing to stop the bleeding Sam’s dad, Jarrod rushed him to the hospital to get the bleeding treated.

Doctors and scientists said they were baffled by the severity of the injury.

The leading theory seemed to be that Sam had inadvertently become lunch for hungry sea lice, also known as marine isopods, a group of crustaceans that are the marine versions of slaters and pill bugs that people might be familiar with from their gardens. Sea lice are usually parasites of fish. When they bite humans, they usually just leave tiny pinpricks that can look like a rash.

It seems that whatever bit Sam also injected him with something that stopped him from feeling the bites as well as prevented the blood from clotting.

When nobody could give him any answers, Sam’s Dad, Jarrod went back to the beach with a pool net and some raw meat to try and catch the culprits. He caught a bunch of creatures that surely like feasting on Raw meat as you can see in the video below:

 But not everyone believes that the little creatures in the video were responsible for this attack. Alistair Poore, a University of New South Wales associate professor, told the New York Times that the creatures in the video were not sea lice but another group of small scavengers called amphipods. Amphipods are not known to attack humans.

Dr Poore doesn’t think that they are dealing with a particularly aggressive strain of sea lice. He believes that there might just be increased numbers of sea lice in the area – possibly due to a higher concentration of dead fish (their normal snack of choice)

Regardless of what it was – still makes you wonder about swimming at the Australian beaches….

Maybe it will be the plot for the next Hollywood Blockbuster – Attack of the Deadly Sea Lice!

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